The new L200 arrives in the UK

The new L200 is here. Explore the brand-new version of our iconic best-selling pickup truck.

Technical Testing

Preparing for launch

Our first shipment of L200 Series 6 trucks came off the boat this week. We put all our vehicles through rigorous tests before sending them out to our dealers, so right now these trucks are undergoing visual and technical assessment to ensure everything is working properly.

Royal Portbury Docks

The import hub of the UK car industry

The Royal Portbury Docks is part of the Port of Bristol and is the largest entrance lock into any UK port and one of the most significant locations for the car industry. In 2004 over 650,000 vehicles came through the port.

The port is also of note because it experiences the second largest tidal range in the world, with water kept in the port with lock gates and impounding pumps, maintaining a minimum water level when water is lost to sea through ships entering and exiting the dock.


Stronger and more capable than ever

The new generation L200 is almost here. Built to be the perfect workhorse, practical family vehicle and exciting adventurer all in one, with extraordinary off-road ability, towing capacity and a more car-like drive than ever before, the L200 remains the pinnacle of the modern pick-up truck.

Super Select 4WD II

Built to work. Designed to explore

The L200 Series 6 was built to work harder and tackle difficult terrain more effectively than ever before. With advanced new safety features and unrivalled off-road and towing ability, this is our pickup truck perfected.
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