Outlander PHEV

Can a Plug-in Hybrid perform in Winter?

The short answer is yes.

The world’s bestselling Plug-in Hybrid SUV is engineered to excel in colder climes, offering a perfect blend of efficiency and ability. It's designed to be climate conscious while also providing peace of mind when UK driving conditions are at their worst.

But just how well equipped is it for cold winter weather?

Pre-heat the cabin

No more cold starts

Set the Outlander PHEV Smartphone Remote App to pre-heat the cabin while you're cosy in the kitchen having a second cup of tea.

Clear the windscreen and warm up the interior so the car is ready to go as soon as you get in. You can even pre-heat the driver's seat and steering wheel if it's really baltic.

Super All Wheel Control

Off-road ready

Winter often brings what would normally be off-road conditions onto the tarmac. With our legendary Mitsubishi Rally stability in icy conditions, Outlander PHEV can even venture off the tarmac in the event of an unexpected winter diversion.

Super All Wheel Control intelligently adjusts power to all four wheels to maximise grip.

Snow mode

Snow days are optional

You might feel a little guilty calling work to say you can't make it in with the Outlander PHEV, because it has a dedicated winter weather mode at the flick of a switch. Thanks to SNOW Mode, Outlander PHEV drivers get easier starts on icy driveways, more secure cornering, and exactly the right balance of power to front and rear wheels to give best traction and stability. 

There's never been a better time to buy an Outlander PHEV

With an ever-growing network of public chargers and more employers installing charge points in company car parks, it's never been more convenient to own and run a plug-in hybrid.

Personal Offers

Find your perfect final package

We've got something to suit everyone with flexible finance including 0% APR PCP. If you're upgrading from something older, our Scrappage scheme might fit your bill with up to £4,500 for your current car and 6.9% APR Representative.

Business offers

No hassle leasing for your company

Outlander PHEV can be the perfect car for your business with competitive Contract Hire rentals. Company car drivers will find great BIK savings with a plug-in hybrid.


£1,699 Advance Payment

Outlander PHEV offers a perfect blend of efficiency and convenience with features like reversing camera and Smartphone connectivity via Apple CarPlay.