Desert Warrior: The Sea

It’s only when you step off the plane and see the L200 Desert Warrior sitting there in the African sunlight that the reality of what we’re about to do hits you. Tom is excited to play with his truck, and the TG team are keen to get started. For Darren Hughes, manager of our special vehicle operations, and myself, there is nothing but trepidation. Journalists love it when things go wrong because that adds colour and adventure to the story but for those of us representing our company, things going wrong are exactly what you don’t want. And yet, because putting together the Namibia adventure is a creative process, we have to stand back and let them get on with it.

Sadly, there’s no time to lounge around and take in the views – within an hour the bags are unpacked, the trucks are loaded up and we’re off to do some reconnaissance. Almost all of the footage of the truck driving through the sea and some of dune shots were taken on that first day. Turns out it wasn’t so much a recce day as the first day of shooting but as a result of having at least something “in the can” everyone was relaxed that night.

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