Caring for a Hybrid or Electric Car during Coronavirus

There are a couple of extra things to consider for a hybrid or electric car while it’s not being driven for an extended period of time. Follow these simple steps to keep your drive battery in perfect working order while it’s not being used.

Can I leave my hybrid plugged in?

We wouldn’t recommend leaving your car plugged in for a longer period of time than necessary.

While you’re not driving it, aim to keep the charge at around the 30% mark and leave it unplugged. You can then charge the car up to full just before you need to use it.

Should I keep the car fully charged?

Your EV battery will be better off if the charge is maintained at about 30% of capacity, which is the best amount to keep the battery in optimal condition.     

How to stop your 12v battery from going flat

Your 12v battery on a hybrid or electric car will lose charge the same as it will on a regular car, so start your vehicle once a week and let it run for about 20 minutes. This will allow the battery to maintain charge during extended periods where it isn’t being driven.

My engine has started automatically and shows a warning message

Petrol ages over time. It’s possible that when you start your hybrid car after a long period of being parked, it will automatically turn on the petrol engine and display a message asking you to refuel and telling you it is consuming the old fuel. This is a standard fail safe on the Outlander PHEV and the error message will disappear once you have added 15 litres of petrol to the car.

General car care during the Coronavirus lockdown

To help you look after your car while it’s not in use we’ve put together a list of simple tips for everything from tyres to paintwork, interior to brakes.

Car Care and Coronavirus