Outlander PHEV for your business

Choosing a plug-in hyrbrid for your business comes with a heap of benefits, like lower fuel bills and Benefit in Kind costs. The Outlander PHEV is the UK's best-selling plug-in hybrid and on top of great savings, you can enjoy effortless driving, legendary Mitsubishi 4WD ability and comfortable, luxury driving experience that suits both work and family life.

Save money every day

With an electric range of 28 miles, you can cover the everyday journeys like the school run or commute on electric power alone, while you also have a high efficiency petrol engine that provides the perfect balance of fuel economy and performance on longers trips, with a combined range of over 400 miles.

Lower costs for you and the environment

Simply plug in your Outlander PHEV overnight for up to 28 miles of zero emissions motoring. This means your shorter journeys just became much greener and a full is charge is less than a quid.

With a range of up to 28 miles with zero exhaust emissions, you can potentially do all your commuting miles purely on electricity and just use the petrol engine when you're taking a longer journey

Outstanding stability on any terrain

Our legendary 4WD heritage is front and centre in the Outlander PHEV, with our rally-bred Super All Wheel Control system augmented by twin electric motors The result is greater stability and control in all conditions, from wet grass to icy roads.

The Outlander PHEV is effortless to drive

With electric motors there are no gears and the automatic 4WD system is both repsonsive and quiet, seamlessly switching between electric and petrol as your driving changes. And you can let the car decide which to use or take control with Sport Mode for faster accelerating and snappier response.

Would you like a van or a car?

The Outlander PHEV is available as either a 2 seat commercial or 5 seat passenger model, so whether you need maximum cargo space or room for the family at the weekend, there's a perfect Outlander PHEV for you.

Outlander PHEV Reflex

Reflex and Reflex Plus are our commercial van Outlander PHEV models.

Outlander PHEV Dynamic

The Outlander PHEV passenger range

Exclusive offers for business customers at your local Mitsubishi dealer

We understand that times are tough for a lot of businesses and our cars have always been built to thrive on tough jobs. That’s our ‘Business Benefits’ scheme is here to help you and your business, offering exclusive discounts on our range of Commercial 4-wheel drive vehicles.

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