Hardtop Purchasing Guide

Hardtops come in all shapes and sizes and when deciding which style is right for you, it’s important to think about your requirements. We offer a selection of hardtops with a wide range of designs and features to suit your needs. This guide will walk you through the different hardtop options available and will give you all the information you require to select the top that is best for you.

Our range of hardtops covers the following three main styles:

1. Level-With-Roof Hardtops

These tops are shaped so that the roof of the hardtop continues along the roofline of the truck, giving them a sleek look that complements the body shape of the pickup.

We offer several different specifications of this type of hardtop:

Solid-sided hardtops are available for: L200 Series 5 Double Cab

Solid Sided

Solid-sided hardtops provide added side protection to your cargo, making it easier to transport bulkier items. The cargo is accessed via the rear lifting tailgate.

High-roof hardtops available for: L200 Series 5 Double Cab, L200 Series 4 Single Cab, L200 Series 4 Club Cab

2. High Roof Hard Top

These hardtops provide additional carrying capacity, allowing larger, taller cargo items to be carried, as well as a greater volume of small items. This makes high-roof hardtops popular with tradesmen. 

Our Classic Hardtop features toughened glass on an aluminium rear door, as well as an ultra-tough box section, making it a very robust top suitable for the needs of the trade.

Fullboxes are available for: L200 Series 5 Double Cab

3. Fullboxes

This style of hardtop secures the load bed with a shaped cover which is opened and closed with gas support. Fullboxes are compact and practical.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are lightweight, flat covers which secure the load bed and protect the cargo from the elements. Just as with hardtops, there are many different styles of tonneau covers and lids but the key characteristics are:

  • The material that they are made from
  • The way in which they are opened

Gas Lift

Gas lift covers are hinged near the cab and are raised at the rear to provide access to the load bed.

Gas lift hardtops currently available for: L200 Series 5 Double Cab


Retractable covers slide back, allowing either full or partial access to the load bed from above. These tonneau covers, such as the one pictured above, are often made from individual metal slats which can stack over each other as the cover is retracted. This tonneau can be fitted with either black, or stainless steel sports bars as an additional option.

Retractable tonneau covers available for: L200 Series 5 Double Cab

Soft Tonneau Covers

These covers are very lightweight and are typically made of vinyl material and secured with straps or clips. Most soft tonneau covers, such as the one pictured above, can be rolled up neatly and are simple to install or remove.

Soft tonneau covers available for: L200 Series 5 Double Cab