Outlander PHEV Accessories

From cables to expand your charging options when away from home, protection packs that keep your PHEV in tip top shape, and travel carriers for the roof and tailgate to let you carry bulky items like bikes, you'll find it all and more in our range of Outlander PHEV accessories.

Genuine accessories fitted by genuine experts

Our range of accessories are available to buy through any Mitsubishi dealer across the UK. Our expert technicians can fit accessories for you or you can take them away and fit yourself.

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Charging Cables

Power up an head out

Stow a Mode 3 charging cable in your PHEV and expand your options to charge away from home. Keep your charge cables neat and tidy with our cable carry bag and gloves.

Protection Accessories

Protection for your whole car

Our protection accessories have been designed specifically for those areas of the car that get the most wear, like door entry and rear bumper guards. Purchase our protection pack and get all the major protection accessories in one go.

Touring and Leisure

Escape the everyday

Your Outlander PHEV isn't just for the city, it can take you anywhere, so we've creating a range of versatile leisure accessories to let you fully utilize the car's roof and tailgate for bulky items like bikes, skis and whatever else you might want to carry.

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