Mitsubishi for vehicle Fleets

Fleet Operators

We place customer experience at the heart of what we do, hence why we have a dedicated team that makes your job as easy as possible by providing help and advice when you need it most

Our service to you

Mitsubishi for Fleet operators

We believe in taking a personal approach to helping you manage your Fleet, making it easy for you to find the best solution for each of your users. To support this, we offer an extensive Demonstrator Programme across the whole of our vehicle range, allowing for extended test drives to fully realise vehicle benefits.

Driver’s Benefits

Effortless for your drivers

When buying vehicles for your fleet, your user’s wellbeing is at the heart of your purchase. All our vehicles come with exceptional safety ratings, meaning you have peace of mind. In addition, our vehicles are fitted with the latest innovative technology, which keep your drivers comfortable on the go.

Value for your business

Helping you keep costs down

Our vehicles help reduce your fleet running costs and tax liabilities by combining strong residual values with excellent fuel economy and low carbon emissions. Additionally, our tough, reliable vehicles keep your fleet running smoothly without interruption.

Business Support Team

Meet the team

Our fleet and business team have expertise in all areas of Business Vehicle Purchasing. Meet our team and find the right person for your needs