Outlander PHEV Motability

Discover what makes our award-winning plug-in hybrid the perfect option for Motability

  • Plug-in Hybrid

  • Reversing Camera

  • Automatic Transmission

  • Smartphone Connectivity

Outlander PHEV Motability Prices

DLA, PIP, or AFIP Holders
Model Advance Payment Weekly Allowance
Outlander PHEV Verve 2.4 4WD Auto £2,999 T/A
Outlander PHEV Design 2.4 4WD Auto £2,999 T/A
Outlander PHEV Dynamic 2.4 4WD Auto £2,999 T/A
WPMS Holders
Model Advance Payment Weekly Allowance
Outlander PHEV Verve 2.4 4WD Auto
£1,887 T/A
Outlander PHEV Design 2.4 4WD Auto £1,887 T/A
Outlander PHEV Dynamic 2.4 4WD Auto £1,887
Arrange your Motability car through your local Mitsubishi dealer

Rear parking sensors are included free of charge on all new Motability Mitsubishi’s, where rear sensors or camera are not already included as standard. No cash alternative available.

Metallic and Pearlescent Paint Finishes are available at no additional cost on all new Motability Mitsubishi's.

Diamond Paint Finish is available at an additional cost of £270.00 inc VAT on Outlander and Outlander PHEV Models.

T/A (Total Allowance)

Applications must be received and accepted between 1st January 2021 and 31st March 2021 by Motability Operations Limited.

Plug-in hybrid

Plug into the future

The Outlander PHEV is highly responsive and astonishingly quiet, with twin electric motors that seamlessly switch to an efficient petrol engine as conditions and your speed change. 

Explore the exciting technology at the heart of the Outlander PHEV and discover your next new Motability car.


on a single charge

Save on your commuting and local travel costs


with regular charging

Save time and money with fewer visits to the pump


ultra low Co2 emissions

Curb your carbon footprint and protect the environment

Safety and Convenience

Park it like a boss

A high-definition reversing camera that helps you line up as you park is just one of the smart safety features designed to make life easier with the Outlander PHEV. From steering wheel audio controls to keyless operation, Hill Start Assist to auto dimming rear view mirrow, it's built to be smarter and safer. 

Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA)

Keeping you connected

A larger centre panel houses the Smartphone Link Display Audio system (SDA). This in-car infotainment hub is better than ever before. It now has an 8-inch display screen, an upgraded navigation system and a faster processor to load information in half the time. It’s also the centre for audio and journey status information, such as energy consumption and drive range. And if that wasn’t enough, SDA also lets you to link your smartphone to the vehicle via Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ so you can use your favourite apps.

USB Ports

Plug in & go

There are two USB charging ports in the Outlander PHEV, conveniently placed for both front and rear passengers. Allowing easy access from both front seats, meaning you can connect your devices with a USB cable to play music or to charge.

Wondering if the Outlander PHEV is right for you?

See how the twin electric motors and petrol engine work together whatever your journey type.

In town or short commutes

EV Drive Mode (Electric motor only)

The motors power the vehicle using electricity from the battery, resulting in zero fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions. The drive mode is quiet, clean and powerful. Maximum speed is 83m/ph.


Series Hybrid Mode (Electric motor + petrol engine assistance)

The motors power the vehicle using engine-generated electricity. The engine generates electricity to recharge the battery when the level is low and to increase power when accelerating rapidly or climbing hills.


Parallel Hybrid Mode (Petrol engine + electric motor assistance)

The engine powers the vehicle at high speeds etc, (when engine efficiency is high) with assistance from the motors when extra power is required.