Stay connected with your new Eclipse Cross Black

Mitsubishi Connect is our advanced new smartphone app available exclusively for the Eclipse Cross


Advanced Smartphone Integration

Mitsubishi Connect provides a host of convenience, information and safety systems to give you more control and peace of mind.

Connected Car Key Features

Remote Services

Car Finder

Shows you car's exact location on a map.

Parameter Controls

Lending your car to someone? Set where and when the car can be used and you'll get a notification to your phone if the driver goes outside the set parameters.

Vehicle Settings

Send remote commands to your car such as flashing your lights, sounding the horn and more. Integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa coming in 2019.

Mileage Tracker

Monitor your mileage over time via the mobile app or Owners Portal.

Vehicle Status Report

Fuel level and tyre pressure warnings delivered to your mobile.

Safeguard Services

SOS Emergency Assistance

Simply press the dedicated SOS button to automatically call the assistance hotline.

Automatic Collision Notification

If the airbags are triggered, an SOS emergency assistance call is made automatically.

Roadside Information Assistance

Built in knowledge base so everything you need to know about Mitsubishi Connect is right a your fingertips.

Intrusion Alarm Notification

If the alarm is triggered you'll automatically be notified on your smartphone.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If you report your car stolen, Mitsubishi Connect will automatically let authorities know its location.

My Mitsubishi Connect

Download the My Mitsubishi Connect app from the app store and simply follow the instructions. My Mitsubishi Connect app launches February 1st 2019.

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