Mitsubishi 4x4 FAQs

Understanding 4x4s

Are 4x4s just for off-roading?

4x4s can be driven on tarmac roads just like a standard car, but benefit from enhanced stability because all four wheels can actively engage with the road rather than just rolling passively.

4x4 running costs

Are 4x4s more expensive to run?

4x4s are typically a little heavier than their 2WD counterparts and therefore consume a little more fuel. For example an Eclipse Cross 4WD achieves 4 mpg less than an Eclipse Cross 2WD.


Understanding 4x4s FAQs

4x4 (or 4WD) refers to any vehicle that can send power to all four wheels giving it better grip. 4x4 cars are typically more powerful than two wheel drive cars and are better suited to off-road environments and bad weather.


All-wheel drive typically stays in 4WD at all times, adjusting the power ratios to each wheel depending on conditions. 4WD systems like our Super Select 4WD can put the car into two wheel drive to maximise efficiency. 4x4s with true 4WD tend to allow more granular control of power distribution.

Deciding which 4x4 is right for you depends on your needs. If you want a 4x4 that can handle extreme off-roading or harsh everyday conditions like farming you might want a different car than if you want a road-focussed car that can go off-road when the need arises. Explore our full 4x4 range to find the right model for you.


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Safe off-road driving

Things to think about when going off-road


Research where you’re going

Do some preparation on your destination online and on a proper map so you have a good idea of the terrain to expect.



Know the weather forecast

Keep an eye on the weather so you know what to bring. Waterproof clothing, food and water can easily be carried in a good 4x4.



Know your car’s capabilities

Know your car’s ground clearance, wading depth, incline angles and other basic stats. Find your car’s complete specification from our Range Selector and download your owner’s manual for everything you need to know.


If you’re towing, know how

Towing a skill that takes a little practice. Read our helpful guide to towing for everything you need to know.


Tell people where you’re going

Let a few people know before you head into the wilds so that if anything goes wrong someone knows where to look.


Returning home

Get your vehicle checked

Clean your car thoroughly following any expedition to get mud and water out of anywhere it’s gotten stuck. If serious off-roading was involved such as wading in water or deep mud, have your local dealer check your car over.


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4x4 off-roading technologies

Super Select 4WD-II

Our Super Select 4WD system allows you set the 4x4 system into one of four modes, each designed for different conditions. 2WD mode allows you to maximise fuel economy on the road, 4H 4WD allows you to drive on tarmac in 4WD for towing and in slippery conditions. Two high performance 4WD modes enable dynamic power distribution to improve traction on a variety of off-road surfaces. Available on the L200 and Shogun Sport.

All-Wheel Control systems

Our powerful all-wheel control systems provide adjustable 4WD power distribution to balance stability and power, enabling confident off-roading. Our Super All-Wheel Control system provides even more ability to adjust to the conditions with dedicated terrain modes. Available on Outlander, Outlander PHEV and Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi Active Traction and Stability Assist

All Mitsubishi 4x4 models come with M-ASTC as standard, our advanced traction system applies the brakes automatically to each wheel whenever one loses control, and active yaw control applies power to whichever wheel on the car has the most traction, ensuring stable driving and minimising skidding. Available across the Mitsubishi 4x4 range.

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Trailer Stability Assist

Advanced monitoring software that dynamically adjusts engine and braking to maximise straight line stability. Available on L200.

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Rear Differential Lock

Locking the rear wheels onto a common shaft, forcing the wheels to move in unison regardless of the traction. Each wheel can apply as much rotational force as the traction under it will allow to gain a significant traction advantage. Available on L200 and Shogun Sport.

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