4x4 Off-road capabilities

Tackle the great outdoors

Mitsubishi 4x4 off-road capabilities

You need look no further than the great British outdoors for challenging off-road terrain. From muddy fields in the pouring rain to sand and gravel at the beach, the UK has it all and you need a 4x4 that can handle it all.

Tackle any terrain

Drive through mud and fields

A 4x4 gives you the ability to tackle terrain a 2WD car can’t handle. By sending power to all four wheels a 4x4 can retain grip on slippery surfaces, and deal with changing conditions in the blink of an eye.

Mitsubishi 4x4s detect when a wheel loses grip and adjusts power to the other wheels to compensate.

Tackle inclines

Climb hills

Tackle steep inclines and uneven surfaces with ease. Our 4x4 engines are powerful and responsive and our traction control systems stop wheels from spinning by detecting the grip of each wheel hundreds of times per second.

Crossing water


Our dedicated off-road cars have excellent wade depths, enabling them to pass through standing water or ford rivers when necessary.

Always check your vehicle’s wade depth prior to entering water and have your dealer check your car after wading.

Stability Control

Cornering with confidence

Only 4x4s can send power to all four wheels, maximising traction. Our Active Stability and Traction Control systems dynamically adjust power distribution to each wheel, sending it where it’s needed. A combination of technologies deliver the goods across the Mitsubishi 4x4 range. For example, the Outlander PHEV’s Super All-Wheel Control system provides 5 drive modes for different conditions.

Built to tow

Towing heavy loads

Mitsubishi 4x4s are built to tow. Whether you have a caravan you take away for two weeks a year or a trailer you pull every day.

The L200 has the highest total load capacity of any pick-up truck in its class and can tow 3,500Kg, all with enhanced trailer stability assist.

Advanced Traction Control

Cope with bad weather

Whether it’s a cold snap or a flash flood, a 4x4 makes you more prepared for the unexpected. With advanced traction control and superb grip, Mitsubishi 4x4s give you the capabilities you need when you need them.

The only downside is you won’t be calling in to work saying you’re stuck anymore.

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