Driving the ASX

We designed the ASX as an everyday car. It’s easy to drive and ready for any challenges you may encounter.
ASX Drive 640 Image

Active Stability Control (ASC)

If you have a wobble, the car won’t

If the wheels lose their grip on slippery surfaces or while turning, Active Stability Control (ASC) automatically adjusts engine output and applies braking force at the appropriate wheels to help maintain control and prevent skidding.

Keyless Entry

Open the car by standing next to it

Keep your keys securely hidden in your pocket or handbag. Unlock and start the car just by having the keys nearby.

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High Driving Position

See more of the road ahead

The ASX has a raised driving position. Being able to see further ahead gives you more time to react to potential hazards.

SUV Capability

Takes speed bumps in its stride

The high ground clearance means flash floods, speed bumps or potholes are less of a worry. It’s not too high though – it’s still easy to get in and out.

Dynamic Power

Balancing efficiency and performance

Powered by a pokey 1.6 litre petrol engine, the ASX is agile and responsive when you want it to be, but highly efficient when you need.

Cruise Control

Easier long distance driving

Setting the car’s maximum speed can be useful for motorway driving or long journeys. It can also improve your comfort because it allows you to change your position safely.

Rearview Camera

Easy to park

Put the car in reverse and the HD reversing camera makes it a lot easier by showing you how much space you’ve got.
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