Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exterior

The 2020 Eclipse Cross marks the dawn of our new design advancements. We're pushing boundaries and never compromising on quality, to craft the perfect crossover.

Dynamic Shield

A fusion of protection and performance

The muscular front face incorporates the Dynamic Shield; it not only adds to the distinctive look, it better protects pedestrians and occupants alike. And you can even take your look to the next level with our range of exterior styling accessories.

Sculpted Body Shape

Glide through city streets

The sculpted wedge-shape of the Eclipse Cross gives it a crouching feel, like an athlete ready to leap out of the blocks. The twin bubble roof shape gives extra headroom for rear passengers.

Double Tailgate Window

A clear view behind

The steeply raked tailgate improves aerodynamics and emphasises the sporty feel. It also increases the luggage space – there's enough room back there for a bike (if you have more than one, there’s also a rear bike carrier). And the rear headrests won't get in the way because they've been specially designed to have a low profile, while still providing comfortable head support.

Power Panoramic Sunroof

Don't miss any of the scenery

The panoramic roof makes the car feel much more light and spacious. It also means when you're on an adventure, you won't miss those breathtaking views. There’s even a built-in electric blind for when the sun comes out.

New Red Diamond Colour

A richer, deeper red

The new model Eclipse Cross is available in a range of dynamic colours, including the new 4-layer Red Diamond colour which has a more vibrant, deeper finish.

Whichever colour you choose, enhance the look with accessories: Styling Pack | Alloy Wheels

Hi-Tech LED Headlamps

Better lights, front and rear

At the front, highly efficient LED headlamps, daytime running lamps and fog lamps have been placed further out on the body. Their intense white light illuminates more of the road ahead. At the rear, higher placed tail lamps and a high-mounted stop lamp offer better visibility for cars behind.

Rear Wedge Design

Improving aerodynamics

Engineered with a refreshing design, the Eclipse Cross blurs the lines between a wedge-shaped coupé styling and the practicality of space and comfort. Equipped with a higher hip point and lower windows for added visibility, it gives purpose to style.

Eclipse Cross

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