Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic

Our most advanced interior, yet. The Eclipse Cross is crafted for your comfort.

From £24,505

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic range

Discover the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic model range.

From £24,505

Eclipse Cross Dynamic Manual 2WD

This Eclipse Cross Dynamic is great for your day-to-day, equipped with 2WD, a 1.5L, 6-speed manual engine.

From £25,835

Eclipse Cross Dynamic CVT 2WD

Featuring a 2WD, 1.5L Engine and CVT Automatic transmission, this Eclipse Cross Dynamic is perfect for the city.

From £27,865

Eclipse Cross Dynamic CVT 4WD

Ready for an adventure, with 4WD and a 1.5L Engine with CVT Automatic transmission.

Driving the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic

A driving experience

Offering better stability, cornering and overall performance, the Eclipse Cross Dynamic is ready for anything.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

What is CVT?

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) enables direct control over power and torque, delivering a smooth ride in all driving conditions – while keeping the fuel usage low.
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2WD & 4WD

Take your pick

Combining a sporty performance with dedicated 2WD and 4WD modes, enables the Eclipse Cross to do more than the day-to-day. Escape the city. Whether it’s for another city, town or something more remote, the Eclipse Cross will give you a thrilling performance.
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Active Stability & Traction Control

Keep your grip

If your wheels lose their grip, the Active Stability Control (ASC) system automatically applies braking force to the wheels keeping you in control.
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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic Exterior

A new design era

Marking the dawn of our new design advancements is the Eclipse Cross, pushing boundaries and never compromising on excellence.

18" black/silver alloy wheels

Add height, enhance 4WD

Enhancing more than the Eclipse Cross Dynamic’s looks are the 18-inch alloy wheels, available in black and silver.

Keyless operation

Keep your keys in your pocket

Enabling you to lock and unlock the Eclipse Cross Dynamic doors, tailgate and start the engine without getting your key out.

Rear mounted stop lamp

Keep the driver behind alert

High-mounted rear lamps divide the rear window in two, giving the driver behind a clearer alert while symbolising the dynamic performance of the Eclipse Cross.

Silver garnish

All the trimmings

Enhancing the Eclipse Cross Dynamic's style, are the silver accents running through the car, from the skid plates and alloy wheels to the silver grille with chrome accents.

Electric heated & folding mirrors

A car that looks after itself

Keeping free from fog, ice and damage, the Eclipse Cross Dynamic's wing mirrors are electric, taking care of themselves.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic Interior

Step inside the Eclipse Cross Dynamic

Sitting in the driver's seat of the Eclipse Cross Dynamic gives you that sporty feeling you love, with added comfort from the connectivity to the heated seats.

Head-Up Display

Keep your head up

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) System shows you information from the Eclipse Cross, above the dashboard. Meaning you can keep your eyes on the road while checking the speed or if the door is left ajar.

Dual Zone Climate Control

Everyone's happy

Set your temperature, and your passengers can do the same. The Dual Climate Control system allows you to set your own microclimates in separate sections of the Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic Safety

Advancing safety

Intelligent sensors that perceive your surroundings and warn you of danger give the Eclipse Cross Dynamic higher levels of protection.
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Stay connected

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic Connectivity

Connect your smartphone and enjoy the drive your way. See live traffic monitoring, curate playlists, and integrate your calendar, the Eclipse Cross Dynamic puts you at the centre.

A powerful performance

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic Engine

The Eclipse Cross technology provides 163 PS, while the CVT features an 8-step sport mode to get the best performance while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Towing made easy

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic towing

With the tow wire harness, you can connect to a trailer (within your 1600kg), allowing the trailer taillights, brake lights and turn signals to work in sync with your Eclipse Cross Dynamic.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Dynamic story

The evolution of the crossover

The name of the Eclipse Cross originates from Mitsubishi’s Eclipse compact sports car.
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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Key features and specs

The Specs

Learn about the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross features. Plus, details covering height, length, dimensions and weight.

Dynamic Manual 2WD
    Price upon enquiry
    Key Features
      Dynamic Auto 2WD (CVT)
        Price upon enquiry
        Key Features
          Dynamic Auto 4WD (CVT)
          • 1.5L Unleaded
          • 4WD
          • CVT Automatic
          • Heated front seats
          • Head-Up Display (HUD)
          From £27,865
          Key Features
          • Gloss black front bumper centre
          • Electric, heated & folding mirrors
          • On Demand 4WD with Auto, Snow & Gravel
          • Front & rear parking sensors
          • Head-Up Display (HUD)
          • Electronic parking brake
          • Dual zone climate control
          • Auto dimming rear view mirror
          • Heated front seats
          • High-grade fabric seats

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