What's it like to drive a hybrid car?

The best hybrid cars offer a driving experience that sets them apart from petrol or diesel cars, with responsive electric power and less noise for those inside and out.

Ultra smooth. Ultra-quiet.

Driving on electric power, a hybrid is smooth and quiet because the petrol engine is taking a break. This is especially true of plug-in hybrids because they can drive for extended distances on electric power.

Capturing energy

Regenerative Braking

Hybrid cars use a process called regenerative braking to charge their batteries by capturing kinetic energy when the car is braking. In some hybrids this can be set to different strengths to control whether you coast or slow down when releasing the accelerator.

Responsive Electric Power

Most hybrids use their electric motors to assist from a stop. This provides instant torque so there is no delay in sending power to the wheels when pulling away from junctions or traffic lights.

Plug-in hybrid driving

Perfect synergy of electric and petrol

Plug-in Hybrids provide an even more seamless driving experience. The larger capacity battery allows the car to switch from electric to petrol and back again on the fly so that whether your goal is efficiency or performance, the car adjusts for your driving style.

Outlander PHEV Ability

Efficient in the city. Confident in the wilds

A hybrid without compromise, the Outlander PHEV is responsive and yet effortless to drive on roads, but can also cope with conditions off it. Whether for work or play, you’ll find the Outlander can tow, cope with all weather and tackle some light off-roading too.