Environmental Benefits of hybrids

Are Hybrid Cars Environmentally Friendly?

A hybrid car is naturally more fuel efficient than an equivalent standard car, and by doing more of your miles on clean electricity, your emitting less CO2 and improving local air quality.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Transport accounts for 50% of the UK’s CO2 emissions and driving a hybrid can help reduce your personal impact on the environment.

Plug-in hybrids in particular are able to do a lot of miles on pure electricity when the journeys are shorter.

Better in traffic jams

Hybrid cars are better for the environment

Hybrids produce less exhaust emissions than their petrol counterparts and are particularly good at helping to improve air quality in urban areas where large numbers of vehicles tend to idle, because they’re able to switch the petrol engine off and still respond quickly when traffic starts to move again.

Clean Air Zones

Recognised as green by the major cities

It's important to choose models that are allowed to drive in areas like the London Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) without paying a charge. Not all hybrids are green enough to be exempt, so make sure you get one that is, such as our own Outlander PHEV

Find existing and planned Clean Air Zones near you

Euro 6 Emissions Standards

All hybrid cars conform with the Euro 6 Emissions standards. This means they benefit from lower VED costs and better company car tax rates. They’re also exempt from Clean Air Zone charges, which is designed to reduce the numbers of older, more polluting Euro 5 or earlier standard cars on the roads.

Plug-in hybrid versatility

Because you can charge a plug-in hybrid, it is able to do a far higher proportion of its miles on electric power, making the difference in CO2 emissions between a plug-in hybrid and an equivalent standard model much more significant.

Cut your own impact

Driving less is the most obvious way to reduce your own personal footprint. Don’t drive the ½ mile from the office to the sandwich place at lunchtime, walk it. Its exercise, it clears your head, and a change of scenery can work wonders for your afternoon mood.

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