Is it cheaper to run a hybrid car?

Hybrid Car Running Costs

Electricity costs less per mile than petrol, so a hybrid works out cheaper to run. How much cheaper depends on the type of hybrid you buy.

Will a hybrid save me money?

A hybrid is able to save petrol when at a stop and kick in the electric motor when it’s most efficient. If you choose a standard or mild hybrid, you will see a saving compared to an equivalent petrol car, but it won’t be huge.

If you choose a plug-in hybrid you're able to save a lot more.

Find out why Plug-in hybrids are the best for saving money

Company Car Drivers

Pay less Benefit in Kind

The UK offers incentives to company car drivers who choose greener models in the form of lower Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates. The rate of BIK you pay is based on the CO2 emissions of the car, which vary by model.

City Commuter Savings

As councils work to improve air quality in urban centres, there are increasingly savings to be had if you drive in major urban areas with low emission or clean air zones.


Clean Air Zones

Commuting into London with a hybrid

If you commute into London there are potentiallly thousands of pounds to be saved with a hybrid. And if you're a business driver looking to upgrade from an older van or car, the savings can be even bigger.

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