L200 Exterior

The front grille, hood and bumper makes the Mitsubishi L200 exterior look like it's been carved from a solid block of steel. But there’s a lot more to it than just rugged features.


More protective, more stable

The front of the new Mitsubishi L200 pickup incorporates the DYNAMIC SHIELD. It not only looks the part, it's also more protective for pedestrians and occupants. The improved hood shape and lower resting position of the windscreen wipers offers better visibility.

Hi-Tech LED Headlamps

Better lights all round

Highly efficient large combination lamps have been placed further out on the front bumper to light up more of the road ahead. At the rear, large combination lamps are also placed further out on the body. They're also more responsive, so vehicles behind can see the split second you're braking. Side turn lamps (indicators) on the outside edge of the door mirrors alert cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles that you're about to turn.

Eye-Catching Colours

Make a statement

The new model L200 pickup is available in a range of eye-catching colours. If you want to make a statement, why not go bold and choose Sunflare Orange Pearl?

Ample Cargo Space

Handles the toughest loads

The easy-to-load cargo space has been reinforced to withstand all sorts of bumps and knocks. But what makes the Mitsubishi L200 so versatile is it can handle a wide range of loads, so it's ideal for work, chores or a weekend adventure.

Personalise your L200 with official accessories

Power Door Mirror with Side Turn Lamps

Warn others you’re turning

The power door mirrors have a folding function to keep them safely tucked away when you're parked. A side turn lamp (indicator) on the outside edge alerts other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians that you're about to turn.

Keyless Operation System

Convenient and secure

The Keyless Operation System allows you to lock and unlock the doors simply by pressing a button on the door handle. The Engine Start System lets you start and stop the engine by pressing an engine switch, so you can get in, and start your Mitsubishi L200 without using a key.

Electronic time and alarm system (ETACS)

Handy touches that make life easier

ETACS is one of those important details that effects various parts of the vehicle. For example: after shutting off the engine, the power windows can be opened or closed for 30 seconds before opening the door. If you unlock the vehicle and then don’t open any door, it will automatically re-lock all the doors after 30 seconds. And if you switch off the ignition, the headlamps will automatically turn off to save your battery.

The Mitsubishi L200 range

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