L200 Exterior

The L200 has rugged looks, sleek headlamps and solid dimensions. This is no ordinary pickup. This is the pickup truck perfected.
L200 Series 5 Club Cab
Aerodynamic Body Shape

Aerodynamic Body Shape

Designed to handle better

The aerodynamic shape, based on advanced computer simulation, helps the L200 slip through the wind with a class-leading 0.42 Cd. This means lower noise and better fuel efficiency, while enhancing both acceleration and handling stability.

Large Cargo Bed

Room for big loads

The stylish L200 provides all the tough reliability you need. Its spacious cargo bed is reinforced at the rear corners to take any bumps and knocks if your cargo shifts in transit. Choose the Double Cab if you want to take more passengers or the Club Cab for more load space.

Suspension and construction

A tough, reliable workhorse

The rugged suspension features double wishbones with coil springs and a stabiliser bar in front and above-the-axle leaf springs in the rear. A rigid engine compartment and double hood safety mechanism contribute to enhanced durability and safety.

Power Door Mirror With Side Turn Lamps

Warn other motorists you’re overtaking

The power door mirrors have a folding function, to keep them safely tucked away when you're parked and turn lamps in the door mirrors alert cyclists and pedestrians that you’re turning.
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