Mitsubishi L200 Story

Learn about the Mitsubishi L200's heritage, philosophy and awards.

Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Truck History

In 1978, demand for small pickup trucks had grown – people were finding them useful for not just work related tasks, but also for weekend adventures.

The Mitsubishi Forte

A trailblazer for the L200

Mitsubishi Motors first entered the pickup market in North America in September 1978 with the Mitsubishi Forte. The Forte's styling was based on the Galant Ʃ Eterna and featured a long nose, an airdam skirt (also called a front spoiler) and twin round headlamps. The four-wheel drive Mitsubishi Forte was the trailblazer for the L200, the Shogun ( Montero and Pajero in some markets), and other 4WD vehicles in the Mitsubishi Motors lineup.

The Forte engine

Powering ahead even back in 1978

When it was first produced, the Forte was Powered by a 1.6L engine. It delivered superior driving stability. Suspension was by double wishbone with coil at the front and by leaf spring with rigid axle at the rear.

Mitsubishi L200 2.2L engine

Overcome the harshest terrain

Nowadays, the L200 is powered by a 2.2 Litre MIVEC 16-Valve intercooled turbocharged DOHC Common Rail Di-D High Power engine.

MIVEC Technology

A system developed by Mitsubishi

MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) is the name for our engines which are equipped with the variable valve timing mechanism developed by Mitsubishi Motors.

How the MIVEC Engine Works

Better fuel consumption

With a conventional gasoline engine, the intake air volume is controlled by a throttle valve, increasing the air intake resistance when a piston descends. The MIVEC engine restrains this air intake resistance by controlling the intake valve lift as well as the valve opening/closing timing simultaneously and continuously. The upshot is the MIVEC engine improves fuel consumption by reducing pumping loss during intake.

Philosophy behind the car

Strong, reliable, spacious

With the L200 pickup, we set out to create an extremely rugged vehicle that was not just 100% reliable, but could also handle whatever challenges nature could throw at it. We also wanted to create a vehicle that looked good, was spacious and had all the comforts of a saloon car.

We designed it to be powerful and sturdy, like a buddy in the workplace
Tsunehiro Kunimoto, Corporate Vice President of Design

Innovations and Milestones

Engineered beyond tough

March 2019, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) unveiled the new model L200 one-tonne pickup at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show. It can endure the harshest conditions – being tough wasn’t enough. It is designed to go beyond tough.

Outstanding Achievements and Awards

Best pick up four years running

The Mitsubishi L200 was awarded ‘Best Pickup’ at the Parkers New Car Awards 2019. It was also awarded Pick-up of the year 2018 by Auto Express. (That was the fourth year running Auto Express gave it the award.) And in 2018, it got Best pickup from Carbuyer awards.

The Mitsubishi L200 range

Discover all the models in the L200 pickup range, from the L200 4Life to the special edition L200 Barbarian X.

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