Mitsubishi L200 Towing Capacity

Discover the towing capacity across the whole L200 range, from the Mitsubishi L200 4Life to the high-spec L200 Barbarian X.

Mitsubishi L200 towing

A towing supremo

The Mitsubishi L200 pickup is a sport utility truck, which is equally at home on the building site, beach, or mall. And when you've got a truck this versatile, you’ll want it to be able to tow. Which is lucky, because the L200 is a towing supremo.

The L200 4WD system

Superior towing with advanced 4WD

Not only is it a truck to tame tarmac, it’s equally effective off-road, thanks to a superior 4WD system. Having all four wheels driven while towing provides superior stability and safety, especially if road conditions deteriorate during the journey.

3.5 tonnes towing capacity**

A brawny packhorse

Thanks to a strengthened chassis the max load capacity is now up to 4,125kgs which is a combination of the max towing capacity and remaining available payload.

The towing capacity is 3,500kgs, additional payload is 625kgs (including driver).

Rear view camera

Lining up to your trailer is really easy

The L200 pickup has a reversing camera with rear parking sensors. This makes it really easy to line up to your trailer, without needing several people to guide you.

Towing safety

Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)

TSA increases stability when towing. If any amount of vehicle swaying is detected, it automatically controls the engine power and braking force at each wheel to stabilise the vehicle and trailer.

The Mitsubishi L200 range

Discover all the models in the L200 pickup range, from the L200 4Life to the special edition L200 Barbarian X.

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