Mirage Interior

The Mirage features a foldable bench seat at the back which gives you a flexible space for passengers, shopping, or even flat pack furniture. How can a compact car be this spacious?
Top down view of the Mitsubishi Mirage interior
Flexible seating

Room for the whole gang

The Mirage seats give you excellent visibility and they're built for maximum comfort, with optimum back support and plenty of head and leg room. The practical rear seat has a foldable back to create extra space for your luggage or pushchair.
Interior cupholders on the Mitsubishi Mirage
People centred design

Designed around you

We spend a lot of time thinking about all the little details, it's part of what we call "Mitsubishi-ness". We've added cupholders front and rear for your morning coffee, large front door pockets with bottle holders, and even a hook for your shopping bags.

Steering Wheel Controls

All within arm's reach

Controls for the audio system and Bluetooth® hands-free mobile phone system are conveniently mounted on the steering wheel. So you can also keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Note: Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Navigation system with smartphone connectivity

Enjoy a connected drive

The Mirage puts you firmly in control with the Multifunction GPS Navigation (MGN) system. You can store personal items, adjust the temperature, change the music or access navigation maps. It's all done via a 6.5 inch touchscreen in the centre console. It also offers a variety of smartphone connectivity, so you can stay in touch on the move.
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Audio System

Your music, your way

We know music is important for your journey, so whether you’ve got a collection of CDs, enjoy the radio, or you prefer listening to playlists on your MP3 player, the Mirage gives you a wide choice. The on-board audio system offers a LW/MW/FM radio with CD player. Plus there's an AUX terminal for you to connect your MP3 player. And it's all housed in a convenient centre panel.

Clear Instrument Panel

High contrast controls

We’ve made the speedometer bigger and easier to read and the instrument panel is always illuminated. You can adjust the brightness, so you'll be able to read the controls in all conditions.
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