Mirage Prices

Browse prices for all Mirage models for retail and business purchases, from the Mirage Verve Manual with Auto Stop and Go, to the First Edition Auto, with cruise control and LED headlamps.

Mirage Retail Price List

List Price VED OTR Price*
Mirage Verve Manual £10,345 £175 £10,575
Mirage Design Manual £12,290 £175 £12,520
Mirage Design Auto £13,110 £175 £13,340
Mirage First Edition Manual £13,830 £175 £14,060
Mirage First Edition Auto £14,650 £175 £14,880

*On the road prices includes VAT (at 20%), VED and First Registration Fee. Prices are solid paint. Metallic, pearlescent and diamond paint extra.

Special Offers

3 years 0% APR HP and 3 years free servicing on the Mirage

Right now you can get 3 years 0% APR HP finance on a new Mirage along with 3 years free servicing and 3 years free roadside assistance.

40% deposit required.

Discover how affordable a new Mirage can be with our finance options.

Company Car Driver Price List

P11D Value CO2 BIK % BIK Payable 20% BIK Payable 40%
Mirage Verve Manual £10,345 105 25% £43.10 £86.21
Mirage Design Manual £12,290 108 25% £51.21 £104.42
Mirage Design Auto £13,110 106 25% £54.63 £109.25
Mirage First Edition Manual £13,830 108 25% £57.63 £115.25
Mirage First Edition Auto £14,650 106 25% £61.04 £122.08

Business Contract Hire

Mirage for your business

Perfect for a small business looking for a car that's economical, easy to park and deceptively spacious inside, the Mirage is the ideal urban runabout, offering practicality and style in equal measure.

Delivered to your door

Get free Home Delivery on your new Mirage

Order a new Mirage online before 29th December 2020 and we'll deliver it to your front door for free.

Find out more about Free Delivery.

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