The Mitsubishi Mirage Story

Learn about the vehicle’s heritage, philosophy and outstanding achievements.

The History of the Mirage

The first version of the Mirage was launched in 1978 and was produced under the Colt marque, a joint venture between Colt Automotive Ltd and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. It was engineered in response to a global call for better fuel economy.


Next-level technology

The Mirage was the first vehicle to feature Super Shift transmission. The Super Shift gearbox was developed from a standard four-speed manual transmission for use in the first-generation Mitsubishi Mirage, our first front wheel drive model. It allowed drivers to switch between Power and Economy ranges, for great performance and low fuel consumption. Nowadays, thanks to years of advanced engineering, the Mirage has a highly efficient MIVEC engine offering even better performance and fuel economy.


Compact, affordable, economical

When the Mirage launched in 1978, it had a design based on the compactness, affordability and as a result of the 1978 oil crisis, it needed to be extremely fuel efficient. That thinking has never changed in all the subsequent Mirage models down the years.


Fun to drive, easy to manoeuvre

When we sat down at the drawing board to first create the Mirage, we knew it had to be fun to drive and easy to manoeuvre. Through engineering and design, we created a practical little runabout, with a stylish edge that had enough space for five adults.


Lighter and more aerodynamic

To create class-leading fuel efficiency, we used a variety of methods. We first focused on reducing the weight of the entire car by making advancements to the engine, transmission, brakes and tyres. We then focussed on the shape of the Mirage, giving it a smooth aerodynamic body to reduce air resistance and drag.


Small but spacious

The new Mitsubishi Mirage inherits its compact size from the original 1978 Mirage, which makes it a perfect car for the city. On the inside, every inch of cabin space has been utilised to create a flexible space, and with a 4.6m turning radius, you can claim those smaller parking spots.

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"Our designs must be functional, whether that’s improving performance, protection and practicality. The Mirage has been innovating for generations; adapting to your needs".


The fuel-efficient compact car

Thanks to fuel-efficient engineering, the Mirage has outstanding MPG ratings, meaning you get more out of your tank. In fact, when we launched the 2012 model in Japan, it was officially he most fuel-efficient petrol driven car, achieving an impressive 27.2 km per litre.

The Mitsubishi Mirage range

Discover all the model variants in our Mirage range, from the Mirage Verve with great little touches to make commuting easier, to the Mirage Design with extra connectivity and safety features.

Mitsubishi Mirage

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