Outlander PHEV Engine and Motors

Learn all about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV engine and the twin electric motors and what kind of performance you can expect.
Outlander PHEV Atkinson engine

New 2.4 Litre engine

High fuel economy. Low CO2 emissions

The Outlander PHEV has a 2.4L 16-valve inline 4 cylinder engine. It has a supremely efficient Atkinson-cycle with a long expansion stroke. This makes it much more efficient, so it offers better fuel economy and less emissions.

What is an Atkinson Cycle engine?

Increased efficiency

This is a type of internal combustion engine invented by James Atkinson in 1882. It increases the efficiency of a four-stroke spark ignition by minimising the intake of fuel during the intake stroke or expansion stroke.

Discover more engine details

Engine type 2.4-litre -in-line 4 cylinder 16-valve DOHC MIVEC Atkinson cycle petrol engine
Fuel system Electronically controlled multi-point injection
Fuel type Unleaded
Displacement (cc) 2360
Bore x stroke (mm) 88.0 x 97.0
Compression ratio 12.0
Maximum output kw (PS) at rpm 99 (135)/ 4500 rpm
Maximum torque Nm (lb. ft) at rpm 211 (156)/ 4500 rpm
Outlander PHEV battery

Generator and drive battery

Electric power

The high performance generator transforms the engine power into electricity to recharge the drive battery and assist the motors when needed. The large capacity 13.8kWh drive battery is stored under the floor to maximise interior space and lower the centre of gravity for improved safety and handling.

Twin Electric motors

Better and more responsive

Separately mounted motors on the front and rear axles deliver incredibly responsive 4WD performance with S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) ensuring excellent driving stability.

Front Power Drive Unit (PDU)

Power on the front axle

The first of the intelligent control units that contribute to the Outlander PHEV’s efficiency.

Rear Electric Motor Control Unit (EMCU)

Power on the rear axle

The second of the intelligent control units contribute to heightened efficiency and optimal motor control with instant maximum torque that can outperform a 3.0-litre petrol engine.

Discover more motor details

Front motor Rated output kw (PS) 25 (35)
  Maximum output kw (PS) 60 (82)
  Maximum torque Nm (lb.ft) 137 (101)
Rear motor Rated output kw (PS) 30 (41)
  Maximum output kw (PS) 70 (95)
  Maximum torque Nm (lb.ft) 195 (144)
Battery (main traction) type Lithium-ion
  Volts 300
Capacity kWh 13.8
Charging time (approx) 13 Amp supply 5 hours
  16 Amp supply 3.5 hours
  Rapid charge to 80% 25 minutes

Learn how the engine and electric motors work together

In town or short commutes

EV Drive Mode (Electric motor only)

The motors power the vehicle using electricity from the battery, resulting in zero fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions. The drive mode is quiet, clean and powerful. Maximum speed is 83m/ph


Series Hybrid Mode (Electric motor + petrol engine assistance)

The motors power the vehicle using engine-generated electricity. The engine generates electricity to recharge the battery when the level is low and to increase power when accelerating rapidly or climbing hills.


Parallel Hybrid Mode (Petrol engine + electric motor assistance)

The engine powers the vehicle at high speeds etc, (when engine efficiency is high) with assistance from the motors when extra power is required.

Performance details and statistics

Learn about Outlander PHEV fuel economy and mpg and the Outlander electric range.

Performance Maximum speed Electric (EV mode) mph (kph) 83 (135)
Hybrid mode mph (kph) 106 (170)


0-62 mph

secs 10.5
Official Fuel consumption/emissions
Electric energy consumption (weighted combined)



3.68 (5.92)
Electric driving range

highway driving miles (km/charge)

city driving miles (km)/charge

28 (45)

35 (57)

Fuel consumption mpg (its/100km) 139.7 (2.0)
CO2 emissions g/km 40
Emissions compliance Euro 6d-temp

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV range

Discover all the models in our Outlander PHEV range, from the Outlander PHEV Verve, to the stylish Outlander PHEV Exceed Safety.

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