Outlander PHEV Interior

Inside the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV there’s a lot of space, and plenty of luxurious features. But you’ll quickly notice something else. It’s very, very quiet.
Smartphone link system
Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA)

Keeping you connected

A larger centre panel houses the Smartphone Link Display Audio system (SDA). This in-car infotainment hub is better than ever before. It now has an 8-inch display screen, an upgraded navigation system and a faster processor to load information in half the time. It’s also the centre for audio and journey status information, such as energy consumption and drive range. And if that wasn’t enough, SDA also lets you to link your smartphone to the vehicle via Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ so you can use your favourite apps.
Sound system
Sound System

Pump up the volume

We created this sound system especially for the Outlander PHEV. Tweeters at the front covers the high range and seven further speakers around the vehicle provide a richer, more balanced sound. The result is an in-car sound system that's better than many home stereos.

Spacious cabin

Sit back and enjoy the ride

The Outlander PHEV has large doors that make it easier to get in and out. And once you're inside, you'll never feel cramped as there's plenty of headroom and legroom in the passenger seats for you to stretch out.
PHEV luxury cabin
Outlander PHEV seats

Dynamic Seat Design

Comfortable on any journey

The body-hugging front seats not only have a sportier shape, you'll also notice lots of improvements such as deeply contoured sides and a unique power lumbar support function for the driver. And the new rear seats are more comfortable and supportive too.
Boot space
463 Litres of Boot Space

Don’t leave anything behind

The 463 litres of Outlander PHEV boot space means you can pack in everything from suitcases to pushchairs. The rear seat backs can be folded down, creating enough room to swallow mountain bikes whole. There's also a special area beneath the luggage floor for storing the electric charging cable.
Outlander PHEV USB port
USB Ports

Plug in & go

There are two USB charging ports in the Outlander PHEV, conveniently placed for both front and rear passengers. Allowing easy access from both front seats, meaning you can connect your devices with a USB cable to play music or to charge.
Outlander PHEV power meter

Power meter

Your energy status at a glance

To keep you abreast of the status of the engine and the electric motors, one quick glance at the power meter will tell you everything. Find out the status of energy usage, regenerative power, engine power (kW) EV output and more.
Alt Text
ECO mode control

Increase the Outlander PHEV’s energy efficiency

One quick press of this control and you’ll get more energy efficient use of the motors, engine and air conditioning.
Outlander PHEv Eco scoring
ECO Score

How green is your driving?

This indicator gives you a realtime summary of the eco-friendliness of your driving. So the more green leaves you’ve got lit up on the branch, the better.

Special PHEV display functions

More important on board information

The touchscreen, which is situated on the dash, shows various PHEV display functions, including driving range indicator, EV Drive ratio indicator and energy flow indicator.
SDA system showing Outlander PHEV energy flow diagram

Energy flow indicator

See what levels of energy you’re using

The Outlander PHEV’s efficient energy management means you can use various power features all at the same time. For example, you can be charging the battery as you drive, so you don’t need to worry about loss of power if you’re also use the air conditioning and audio system. A display screen shows the current energy flow and expected charging time.

Electric heater

Warm the cabin without turning on the engine

The electric heater uses the electric water pump to circulate hot water and warm the cabin even if the engine isn’t running, such as during EV driving. So you can run it early in the morning or late at night without bothering the neighbours. When the weather turns really cold, the electric heater can be used to supplement heat generated by the engine.

Heated steering wheel

Warm hands on cold mornings

The heated steering wheel switch is conveniently located on the centre panel. Turn it on and the steering wheel soon has a lovely warm glow to it. You’ll find it perfect for those chilly winter mornings.

Now that's a lightbulb moment

10,000 Free Green Miles

Order a new Outlander PHEV and get 10,000 miles of free electricity and a free Home Smart Charger or two-year membership to the Polar Plus public charge point network, when you switch to OVO Energy.
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