The large capacity battery will take you 28 miles in pure electric mode. Add the 2.4-litre engine to the calculations and you’ve got a combined range of over 400 miles. And with the Outlander’s ability to capture kinetic energy through regenerative braking, you have all the benefits of electric, without any of the worries of running out of energy.
A greater range than any other PHEV on the market


A greater range than any other PHEV on the market

Relax. You’ve got a lovely drive ahead of you. And those range anxieties? They’re melting away faster than the miles in your rear view mirror. Take a look where the full range could take you.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV all terrain capabilities

With your arm out of the window from London to Canvey Island

Canvey Island is 28 miles from the outskirts of London. It’s a lovely area with nice walks, great amusements and safe bathing for children. At this distance, you can do the entire trip on an electric charge alone.

Tall tales from Guildford to Dublin

Dublin is 361 miles away from Guildford. It’s the capital of the Republic of Ireland and is a truly beautiful city. The Outlander PHEV’s range would get you all the way there.

A few days break in Cologne

Cologne in Germany is 310 miles away from London. Nestled on the river Rhine, the city is famous for its cathedral and museum. To get there and back, you’d only have to fill up once and get one full recharge. And with over 120,000 compatible charging points across Europe, it couldn’t be easier.
Outlander PHEV
To learn how easy it is to top up the Outlander PHEV, go to Charging.