Outlander Exterior

Don’t get the Outlander and expect to blend in. Its powerful looks from the assertive face, all the way back to the attractive rear means you’ll turn heads wherever you go.
Rugged looks that get noticed

Sculpted Body shape

Rugged looks that get noticed

Every inch of this car has been meticulously considered, from the restyled chrome grille, to the LED lights that extend into the tailgate. That's why the Outlander is one of the most visually striking cars in its class.
A parked Mitsubishi Outlander vehicle
A fusion of protection and performance

The Dynamic Shield

The distinctive front of the vehicle is called the ‘Dynamic Shield’. It not only frames the car's face with dramatic lines, it makes the vehicle more streamlined, which improves performance and offers greater protection to the car and its passengers.
Mitsubishi Outlander car lights
See more of the road ahead

LED headlights with Auto Levelling

Auto Levelling corrects the headlights based on your load, acceleration and braking. This means they’ll always be pointing where they should.

Powered Tailgate

Loading and unloading made easy

Ever tried to open your tailgate with arms full of equipment or groceries? We know what it's like. That's why the Outlander's smooth operating power tailgate gives you three options: you can either use the key fob, a button on the dashboard, or a button on the tailgate itself to open and close it.
Mitsubishi Outlander exterior rain and dusk sensors
Keep your field of vision clear

Rain and Dusk sensors

It's a chore to keep adjusting the windscreen wipers if the rain gets worse, or remembering to turn on your lights as night falls. Well from now on you don't have to: sensors detect the amount of rain and light, then automatically turn on the windscreen wipers or lights as needed. So you can focus 100% on your drive.
Mitsubishi Outlander door handles
Open the car by standing next to it

Keyless Entry

Sensors in the car detect when the key is close by, whether it’s in your pocket or a bag. So all you need to do is press a button on the outside of the front doors or tailgate to unlock them. And we've made starting or stopping the engine keyless too: just press the engine switch in the cabin.

Towing Capacity

Impressive towing ability

With the Outlander Petrol you can tow a braked trailer weight of 1,600 kg (3,527 lbs),which is ideal if you want to haul a caravan or a quad bike trailer.
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