The Mitsubishi Outlander Story

Learn about the vehicle’s heritage, philosophy and awards.

Outlander History

We launched the Outlander, a mid-size SUV, in October 2005 to replace the Mitsubishi Airtrek. It was based on a new platform that offered greater rigidity and better impact safety, as well as a low-consumption, high-performance 2.4L V6 MIVEC engine.

SUV Know-How

Borrowing from the best

Despite the Outlander taking the form of a mid-sized SUV, it actually uses many of the features developed in the Lancer Evolution. This includes innovations such as aluminium roof panels and mono-tube rear shock absorbers.

The Outlander 4WD Heritage

We created our first 4WD in 1936

Although the Outlander was released with electronically controlled 4WD in the mid-2000s, we had already been working on 4WD vehicles for a long time. In fact, our 4WD development stretches right back to 1936, when we very first introduced the technology to the Mitsubishi PX33.

Philosophy Behind the Car

4WD performance, SUV comfort

At Mitsubishi Motors, we like to be first. And we like to be best. That’s why we're the leading experts in SUVs and 4WD drive. Made possible by our engineers, enjoyed by our customers.

Outstanding Achievements and Awards

Which?'s Best Buy

The Mitsubishi Outlander won Best Buy in the Used Large SUVs category in the Which? Car Guide 2018/2019. Fending off the competition, it claimed 5 stars in the reliability category, and was praised for space, comfort and standard equipment — scoring an overall test score of 72%.

A Car You Can Count On

Outlander is a savvy choice

In its 2017 Reliability Survey, the Mitsubishi Outlander won the What Car? Large SUV category, while the manufacturer was voted the runner-up most reliable brand.

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