Shogun Sport Exterior

Every journey starts seamlessly, thanks to keyless entry. Features such as LED headlamps, electric power-folding mirrors and SUV capability means you’re ready for adventures in extreme off-road conditions, where the water is so deep, and angles so steep you’d think no car could survive. But that’s where the Shogun Sport thrives.


A fusion of protection and performance

The distinctive front of the vehicle is called the ‘Dynamic Shield’. It not only frames the car's face with dramatic lines, it makes the Shogun Sport more streamlined, which improves performance and offers protection to the car and its passengers. The exterior of the Shogun protects you, protect it with our range of exterior protection accessories.


SUV Capability

Create your own path

Are you facing a rocky road up ahead? Or is it covered with snow or flooded? No problem – just drive through. One of the many benefits of the Shogun Sport is better ground clearance. Combine that with a state-of-the-art 4WD system, and you’re all set to take the road less travelled. If you’re planning on taking your Shogun off-road regularly our underride protection gives increased protection to the underside of your vehicle.

Towing Capacity

3,100kg towing ability

Thanks to its all-aluminium 2.4-litre turbo-diesel engine, the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport offers up to 3,100kg of towing capacity. The Shogun Sport’s 4WD system helps to keep the vehicle stable on unpredictable road surfaces. And Trailer Stability Assist ensures there’s never any trailer swing.

Built in Roof Rails

Attach your roof rack with ease

The Shogun Sport comes ready equipped with roof rails, so it’s really easy for you to attach a number of features such as a roof rack.

LED headlamps with Auto Levelling

See more of the road ahead

Sophisticated headlamps at the front of the vehicle add a lot of personality to Shogun Sport’s face. But they're not just for looks – they produce a stronger white light which illuminates more of the road ahead and they auto level, so whatever load you’re carrying, they’ll always be pointed at the road and not dazzling oncoming drivers.

LED Daytime Running Lamps

Make yourself known

The Shogun Sport also has LED daytime running lights, which come on automatically to make you more visible to other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. At the back there are also clear, bright LED combination lights.

Auto Light Function

It knows when you’re in a tunnel

This feature of the Shogun Sport is both convenient and helps to promote safer driving. The headlamps are automatically turned on or off depending on the level of ambient light outside the vehicle. The level of light is determined by a rain/light sensor that can distinguish between overpasses and tunnels.

Keyless Operation System

No need to reach for your keys

Sensors in the Shogun Sport detect when the key is close by, whether it’s in your pocket or a bag. Allowing you to unlock and open the doors, and even start the engine, all without reaching for your key.

18” Alloy Wheels

Better handling

To complete the rugged, outdoorsy look, the Shogun Sport has 18” alloy wheels. Alloys not only look great, the hub is wider than conventional wheels. This means you get more precise steering and better grip in both the wet and dry.

Power Door Mirror with Side Turn Lamps

Warn others you’re turning

The power door mirrors have a folding function to keep them safely tucked away when you're parked. A side turn lamp (indicator) on the outside edge alerts other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians that you're about to turn.

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport range

Discover the models in the Shogun Sport range from the 3 Auto to the Shogun Sport Commercial, with two front seats and a generous load space behind.

Shogun Sport

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