Shogun Sport Interior

A spacious, versatile interior packed with technology and features, so you can command your Shogun Sport with confidence.

High Driving Position

A commanding view

This authentic 4X4 gives you excellent visibility of the world ahead, and with perfectly positioned, large wing mirrors you get a good view of what’s behind you.

Interior Cabin Space

Room for the whole family

The seats have been designed for a body hugging fit. They offer wide shoulder support, greater side support and a deeper centre for maximum back support.

Electric Windows and Privacy Glass

Passenger comfort in every seat

In the cabin, there’s enough seating space for seven people. Second-row passengers get the same comforts as the driver and front passenger, with rear electric windows and privacy glass as standard.

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Leather seats

Sumptuous and hard-wearing leather with white stitched trim gives the Shogun Sport's interior a minimalistic style.

Heated front seats

Heated front seats are ideal for those days and nights. They even help to take the edge off any lower back niggles. Available on the Shogun Sport 4.

Powered front seats

Slip into the driver’s seat and you can adjust the position, height and angle, so you’re in the perfect position for relaxed, comfortable driving.


Ready to carry anything

As well as seating for up to seven adults, the Shogun Sport has up to 1,488 litres (VDA) of cargo area with the rear seats folded down.

On Board Compartments

Every detail crafted for your convenience

Inside the Shogun Sport, we’ve made good use of all the space. We’ve added an underfloor compartment for your tools, equipment and luggage. There are four sturdy hooks in the corners of the cargo bed so you can tie down those bulky items with a cargo net. And there are lots of practical touches like front and rear smartphone trays, USB charging ports and storage space for personal items.

Rear View Camera

Lining up to in a tight parking space is easy

The Shogun Sport has a reversing camera with rear parking sensors. This makes it really easy to line up to the parking space or driveway, without needing several people to guide you. It also makes it really easy to line up to the towing ball if you want to tow a caravan or trailer.

Smartphone Link Display Audio System (SDA)

Expand your world

The Smartphone Link Display Audio system allows you to seamlessly integrate your device. By connecting your Android™ Smartphone to SDA, you can operate your favourite apps through voice commands, letting you focus on the road for safer driving.

By connecting your iPhone™ to SDA, you can easily operate maps, music, calls, messages and more through Siri.

Dual-zone Climate Control

You stay cool and so do your passengers

The powerful air conditioning system provides separate temperature settings for the driver and passenger.

Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

Safe from being dazzled

The auto dimming rear view mirror has a built-in glare sensor. This measures the amount of light hitting the mirror from the traffic behind you. If it detects headlight glare, the mirror glass will automatically darken, making night time driving that little bit safer.

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport range

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The Shogun Sport

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