Explore all Mitsubishi Shogun Sport models

Here’s where to discover all the models in our Shogun Sport range, from the Shogun Sport 3 Auto to the highly versatile Shogun Sport Commercial.

Shogun Sport 3 Auto

A rugged SUV that’s ready to explore

With an 8-speed automatic transmission and Super Select 4WD, it has an advanced system that can tackle just about any terrain. The Shogun Sport 3 also has a range of technology such as Trailer Stability and Hill Start Assist to optimise performance, and a rear camera for easy parking.

Shogun Sport 4 Auto

An SUV with advanced safety features

The Shogun Sport 4 has the same powerful engine and advanced 4WD of the Sport 3, but comes with more advanced safety features like a 360 degree camera and Forward Collision Mitigation Technology that senses the distance to the car in front and applies the brakes if necessary.

Shogun Sport Commercial

Possibly the most versatile van ever

Imagine the Shogun Sport 4 specification, but with just driver and passenger seats at the front and a huge load space behind. That's what makes this the perfect commercial van. It’s large, it has all the benefits of an SUV and it has an advanced 4WD ability, thanks to years of expert Mitsubishi engineering.

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