Shogun Sport towing capacity

There are three models in the Shogun Sport range, the Shogun Sport 3, Shogun Sport 4 and the Shogun Sport Commercial. Discover the towing capacity across each vehicle.


Pull no punches

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is perfect for towing. The Sport offers up to 3,100kg of towing capacity, helped by the Shogun’s advanced 4WD system. This is more than enough pulling power to deal with a caravan or pretty full trailer.

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The Shogun Sport 4WD System

Better towing ability thanks to advanced 4WD

Not only does it have a powerful 2.4 Litre direct injection diesel, it’s equally effective off road, thanks to a superior 4WD system called Super Select 4WD-II. The benefit of having this advanced technology when you’re towing is you get greater stability and safety, especially if road or weather conditions deteriorate during the journey.

Multi Around Monitor

Locating that trailer is really easy

We always think about the details and the Shogun Sport is no exception. On the Shogun Sport 3 there’s a reversing camera with rear parking sensors, and in the Shogun Sport 4 there’s a 360 degree camera and front parking sensors to help you orientate yourself and park more safely.

Towing Options

Choose your next adventure

Wild camping

Attaching a caravan or a trailer packed with all your camping gear to the Shogun Sport couldn’t be easier.

On the ocean waves

The Shogun Sport will tow a boat without any fuss. Head for the coast.

A climbing weekend

The Shogun Sport can tow a trailer packed with ropes, tents and any other kit.

Towing Safety Features

Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)

If the car detects ‘trailer swing’ (when a trailer starts to oscillate during road driving), Trailer Stability Assist automatically controls engine power and the braking force at each wheel to stabilise the vehicle and trailer.

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport range

Discover the models in the Shogun Sport range from the 3 Auto to the Shogun Sport Commercial, with two front seats and a generous load space behind.

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