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Drivers the world over love an SUV. Here at the Mitsubishi SUV hub you can find out why and explore our extensive range of new SUV models.
Discover the space, versatility, comfort, toughness and go-anywhere capability that has made the SUV one of the most popular choices of car anywhere. At Mitsubishi we were a global pioneer of the SUV. We’ll take you through the features that distinguish our SUVs from our rivals and tell you about our latest offers. Plus, there are answers to your most frequently asked SUV questions.

The global appeal of SUVs

The SUV, or sport utility vehicle, is the world’s fastest growing type of car. They are becoming ever more popular owing to their practicality, space and comfort. Originally designed for tough off-roading, they are now also engineered to offer good on-road performance, both in town and in the countryside.

Strong, practical and safe

SUVs are perfect for family life

Their roominess and practical hatchback boots make them excellent family cars. Many have four-wheel drive, which makes them safer in slippery conditions such as ice, mud or sand.

An SUV pioneer

While many car makers are recent SUV converts, Mitsubishi was an early pioneer. Our first SUV came out in 1953. In fact, we made a 4x4 prototype vehicle as long ago as 1936.

The birth of the modern SUV

The first Shogun in 1982 was one of the first SUVs to offer practical day-to-day family transport, while still delivering amazing off-road capability. 

Dawn of the plug-in hybrid SUV

The Outlander PHEV was the world’s first plug-in hybrid SUV. Mitsubishi has been passionate about SUVs for almost 70 years, and you’ll see that passion in the engineering and design of every SUV we make.

Explore Outlander PHEV

Discover the Mitsubishi SUV range

Appropriately for an SUV pioneer, Mitsubishi has one of the most diverse SUV ranges – from compact and stylish ASX, to the king of the off-road 4x4 SUVs, the Shogun Sport.

Frequently asked questions

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Features and technology

Mitsubishi SUVs have a host of unique features and technologies that make them stand out.

Latest SUV Offers

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