SUV Features and Technologies

Mitsubishi SUVs are packed full of modern technologies to make driving more comfortable, more enjoyable and safer. We explore some of the key features.

Modern fuel-efficient engines give you all the performance you need

All Mitsubishis have advanced petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid engines to make sure you enjoy excellent performance and good fuel economy. High-tech features include electronically adjusted valves (MIVEC), which help both low-speed tractability and high-revving performance. They also reduce your fuel costs and cut emissions.

Outlander PHEV

Ultra efficient SUV

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was the world’s first plug-in hybrid SUV and allows you to drive on emission-free electric power for up to 28 miles, and at speeds of up to 83 mph. As well as two electric motors, it also has an extremely efficient 2.4-litre petrol engine.

This boosts performance and means you should never have any anxiety about the car’s driving range. As an Outlander PHEV driver, you’ll be in good company. It is Britain’s, and the world’s, best-selling plug-in hybrid car.

Technologies to keep you and your family safe

Mitsubishi SUVs feature the latest safety innovations to help you avoid an accident – or protect you and your family if an accident is inevitable.

Smart technologies that watch the road ahead

A host of technologies do everything possible to keep you safe, including radar that warns of blind spots. The Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) system uses cameras and radar to detect the danger of a collision and will even automatically brake your car if necessary.

Our SUVs are renowned for passenger safety

It’s also good to know that, if you can’t avoid an accident, Mitsubishi SUVs are renowned for their toughness. Our airbag technology is also designed to protect everyone in the car. Our 7-airbag safety system includes big side curtain airbags that protects both front and rear seat occupants.

Off-road capability

Keep going long after the road runs out

SUVs invariably offer better off-road ability than hatchback or saloon cars, owing to their higher ground clearance. That means you can do more in the great British outdoors. Additionally, all Mitsubishi SUVs offer 4x4, or four-wheel drive.

On some models, such as the Outlander PHEV, Outlander and Shogun Sport, 4x4 is standard. Providing power to all four wheels increases traction, especially on slippery surfaces such as gravel, ice or snow.

On the Shogun Sport, renowned as one of the world’s toughest and most capable off-road vehicles, you can even select a low transmission range setting and lock the centre differential, to get to the most remote difficult-to-reach places.

Parking Aids

SUVs are higher and are renowned for their elevated driving positions and their big wing mirrors. This typically makes parking easier. 

Make parking a cinch

Mitsubishi SUVs offer a host of technologies to simplify parking, including front and rear parking sensors and rear-view cameras. There’s also a 360-degree camera that gives you a birds’ eye view from above your car, so you can easily see all corners. 

Seating and cargo space

Extra room for everything

SUVs are generally roomier than hatchbacks or saloons, offering greater versatility and practicality.

All Mitsubishi SUVs offer comfortable seating for at least five people. On the Shogun and Outlander, seven seats are standard. These bigger Mitsubishi SUVs are perfect for larger families or carrying friends. The high roofs of SUVs also help cargo space, while practical hatchback tailgates and folding rear seats make loading easy.

The Outlander has an enormous 1608 litres of cargo space when the rear seats are folded. That’s equivalent to a commercial van’s load area and is easily big enough to swallow a pair of mountain bikes whole.


Easily charge and connect your devices

You’re always connected in a Mitsubishi SUV. Link your phone using USB or Bluetooth, and you can stream music, call, text or get navigation directions with the touch of a button.

Apple CarPlay™

Voice control, maps, messages and more

Apple CarPlay ‘mirrors’ your iPhone to your car’s touchscreen, allowing you to operate music, messages, maps and more. You can use the Siri voice assistant to go hands-free. 

Android Auto™

Connect for music streaming

Android Auto lets you do the same with all Android phones. You can also easily pair iPads or MP3 music devices. USB ports charge your devices, as well as connect them.


From small campers to the biggest caravans

SUVs make excellent tow cars. They’re typically bigger than other cars, and usually have a higher towing capacity. Four-wheel drive can also make SUVs more reassuring and safer to drive, especially with a big load out back. Active stability control (ASC) additionally stops any unstable movement by automatically adjusting engine power or discreetly applying the brakes.

Match your load to your car

Even the smallest member of the Mitsubishi SUV family, the ASX, has a towing capacity of 1300 kg – easily enough for many campers or boat trailers. The mighty Shogun Sport can tow up to 3100kg, so it’s suitable for really big loads such as horse boxes or large caravans. 

Fuel economy

Save money at the pumps

Mitsubishi makes some of the most economical SUVs on the market, saving you money every time you refuel. Most models can be set to two-wheel drive to reduce fuel consumption or include an ‘Eco’ driving mode to save fuel. Expect up to 37.7mpg economy for our mid-size SUV, the Eclipse Cross, which uses a highly efficient lightweight turbocharged petrol engine. 

Incredible fuel economy with a plug-in hybrid

If good fuel economy is the priority, you can’t do better than the Outlander PHEV. This ultra-low emission vehicle emits just 46g/km of CO2 on the official WLPT cycle. Its plug-in hybrid powertrain can provide emission-free electric drive for up 28 miles. Plug-in charging is easy, either at home or away.