World Premiere

Engelberg Tourer

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, we unveiled the latest evolution of the plug-in hybrid SUV.

Our Plug-in Hybrid Adventure

We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with a plug-in hybrid, innovating to create cars that retain the best bits of their fossil fuel equivalents while forging a future where electric power is the norm.

The Engelberg Tourer is what happens when our vision for an electric, connected future meets our boundless drive to explore.

Design Philosophy

The Engelberg Tourer evolves our signature Dynamic Shield grille, but we wanted to give it something striking all of its own, so we added an electric roof box with front-mounted LED fog lamps, perfectly suited to the dramatic terrain of its namesake in the Swiss Alps.

Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC)

Injecting Mitsubishi off-road DNA

Everything we learnt designing the Outlander PHEV has been poured into the Engelberg Tourer, and it sports the same S-AWC 4WD system invented for our rally cars. The result is more grip on slippery surfaces and better stability when you leave the tarmac behind.

Engineered excellence

With a 2.4-litre petrol engine specifically designed to work in tandem with the PHEV system, provides power and performance, while technologies such as drag-reducing radiator grille shutters maximise efficiency and fuel economy.

An electric range of over 43 miles (WLTP) from a full charge and a total cruising range of over 434 miles (WLTP).

Engelberg Tourer Interior

Elegant & functional design

With copious amounts of leg room and 3 rows of white hard wearing leather seats, the Engelberg tourers interior is a light and comfortable place for you and others to enjoy.

Engelberg Tourer Dashboard

Everything at your fingertips

Everything the driver needs is within arms reach inside the Engelberg Tourer. Choose your cruising speed, your cabin temperature, heated seat options, your favourite music and driving modes with ease thanks to the raised centre console and dashboard inside the Engelberg Tourer

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An Electric Future

Engelberg Tourer is as much a mission statement on the future we're striving for as it is a concept car. At Mitsubishi Motors, we're always thinking about the future, about our cars and pickup trucks and how they meet the needs of today's motorists while ensuring we're mindful of the ever-evolving challenges of a changing world.

Electric ecosystem

Beyond Standard Charging

Our vision of an EV future goes further. We're exploring integrated charging systems that connect car and house into a single ecosystem, charging the car with solar energy and even allowing power stored in the car to be used by the house in the event of a mains power failure.