The Mitsubishi Electric Story

Our electric past, present and future

Electrification has been part of our vision since the 1970s. See how we've been creating innovative electrified vehicles for over fifty years and get a peek at what might be coming next.


The difference between an electric car and a hybrid

An electric vehicle (EV) is powered only by an electric motor. A hybrid has both an electric motor and a conventional petrol engine. A plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) also has an electric motor and an engine, but the electric motor tends to be more powerful and you can charge the battery using mains electricity.

Our electric past

Electric vehicles were being developed as far back as 1832. Back then, the high cost, low top speed and short range made them impractical to mass produce compared to the internal combustion engine. But we never lost faith in the idea of electric powered vehicles, and we've been busy developing and perfecting the technology for over fifty years.


We’re pioneers in electrification

We believe a more vibrant society can be created through mobility. Throughout our company's history, we've remained resolutely focussed on our mission to create cleaner, safer and more pleasurable forms of transport. So in 1970 we started exploring and developing electric vehicle (EV) technology in earnest.


The world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle

We launched the world's first mass-produced 100% Electric Vehicle in 2009: the i-MiEV – complete with intelligent technology.


Powering an intelligent ride

The i-MiEV’s operating system is the nerve-centre of the i-MiEV. It allows the vehicle to perform vital tasks to ensure the drive is efficient, safe and comfortable. It monitors everything from battery status and energy recovery to regenerative braking and cruising range.

Our electric present

Our mission is to create driving experiences that are greener, safer and more enjoyable. Research and development in this area led us to engineer an award-winning plug-in hybrid, the Outlander PHEV.


Innovative hybrid technology

Our plug-in hybrid SUV, the Outlander PHEV, has game-changing technology on board, which allows it to transition seamlessly between petrol power and electric power. Where many competitors' vehicles have just one electric motor on board, the Outlander PHEV has two. This makes it deliver the most efficient form of motoring whatever the type of road or conditions, it's also makes this SUV a cheaper and greener form of transport.


Our future’s electric

We never stop thinking about the future of transportation. Our concept cars help us share our vision of what's to come. See what's on the horizon and what might be appearing at a motor show near you or parked in your future garage.


Engineering electric excellence

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, we unveiled the latest evolution of the plug-in hybrid SUV: the Engelberg Tourer. Developing this vehicle has focussed our minds on creating integrated charging systems that connect the car and house into a single ecosystem called Dendo House – moving us beyond the charging systems you see today.


Tackle the elements

The 2017 e-EVOLUTION concept is a high-performance all-electric crossover, with high torque electric motors and Artificial Intelligence. It has a Triple Motor 4WD system and New Generation Active Yaw Control (AYC). Both of which enable drivers to tackle the elements in a way they’ve never before experienced. Discover the future of Mitsubishi Motors through our concept cars.


Always improving your journey

Our mission is to provide better driving experiences for our customers by engineering greener, safer and more enjoyable modes of transport. Take a look at what we're working on and our most recent technological advancements.

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