The award-winning Outlander PHEV

The Outlander PHEV is leading the way in the future of motoring, and the revolutionary plug-in hybrid SUV is picking up accolades around the world. Here are some of the UK awards that Outlander PHEV has won or been nominated for.
Next green car SUV award 2015

SUV of the Year 2015

"The new and significantly improved Outlander PHEV builds on the considerable success of the outgoing model. While still cheap to run, now with a refined cabin and driving experience, the new model secures Mitsubishi as a key player in the PHEV market."

Low carbon champions award

Low Carbon Car Manufacturer of the Year 2015

"Mitsubishi’s Outlander has been a game-changer, bringing plug-in hybrid technology to a 4x4 SUV, at a competitive price. The model has achieved impressive sales, especially in the company car market, where carbon-based taxation has helped to boost sales of lower carbon vehicles."

Green fleet award 2015

PHEV Manufacturer of the Year 2015

"Mitsubishi won the award for its PHEV Outlander, which is the world’s first plug-in hybrid 4x4 SUV. With regenerative braking to feed power back into the batteries when possible, the Outlander is capable of 32.5 miles in EV mode (total range 500+), 70mph on EV power, and has the possibility of up to 148mpg. What’s more, it has SUV convenience and 4WD capability."

Fleet world award 2015

Fleet World Honours - Best Ultra Low Emission Vehicle 2015

"The Outlander PHEV’s phenomenal success has transformed Mitsubishi’s presence in fleet. Over 10,000 sold in the UK in its first eight months, overtaking the Nissan LEAF’s four-year total. Two thirds of Outlander PHEV sales went to business users. With ongoing investment in the dealer network and production being expanded in Japan, Mitsubishi Motors UK reckons it’s only the beginning. But what a start."

Green apple award 2014

PHEV wins Best Electric Hybrid for 2014

Many car firms have claimed to have introduced a ground breaker in the past 12 months but this one really is. It embraces everything that’s good about new technology without compromise and has the potential to save you a small fortune. Mitsubishi’s decision to price it the same as diesel is the real clincher.

Next green car award 2014

Next Green Car Award 2014 in the SUV category

The Outlander PHEV sets the SUV bar high offering plug-in capability for the price of a diesel. With a 9% BIK rate, you can see why the Outlander is the UK's most popular plug-in hybrid.

Green fleet award 2014

Green Fleet Awards - PHEV Manufacturer of the Year

Awarded to Mitsubishi Motors UK for the Outlander PHEV to recognise the best plug-in hybrid vehicles in the fleet market, and the environmental benefits for Fleet customers.

Diesel car alternative fuel award

Diesel Car: Best Alternative Fuel Vehicle 2014

Tested against 200 other cars, Diesel Car found the Outlander PHEV to be unrivalled. They said: “The Outlander PHEV is one of the most significant cars of 2014 thanks to its plug-in hybrid technology. There's generous space for five people, including their luggage, and best of all, it costs the same as the regular diesel Outlander to buy”.

Business car award

BusinessCar Techies Award: Green - Winner

Awarded for technological achievement, BusinessCar dubbed the PHEV a ‘game-changer’ when it comes to practicality and financial savings for business customers: “Plug-in technology is going to form part of fleet mobility in the near future, and Mitsubishi is showing that, with the right deployment, it can make great financial sense as well as helping enforce a firm’s green credentials”.

Fleet world award 2014

Fleet World: Honours Best Environmental Vehicle

The judges praised the innovation and incredible savings fleet and company car customers could benefit from with the PHEV. They said: “Mitsubishi has laid down a gauntlet to the entire car industry with the Outlander PHEV by pricing it at the same level as the diesel. The result is huge tax savings for company car drives and realistic running costs for fleets. On top of that, it’s a really nice car to drive and works very well in EV mode”.

The caravan club award

The Caravan Club: Judges’ Innovation Award

The annual Caravan Club Towcar of the Year competition honoured the PHEV for its ability to be a fully functioning car capable of towing similar loads to its diesel rivals while offering the environment benefits of its hybrid technology.