L200 Series 6 pickup truck

The 2019 Mitsubishi L200

Enhanced 4WD and Dynamic Shield front design are just the start. L200 Series 6 is ready to go wherever you need it to and handle the toughest jobs.

L200 Series 6 available now
The new L200 is here. Order one, test drive at your local dealership or register for updates.

Driving the L200

All the power you need

A new 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine has been added to the L200, this engine outputs 150PS and 400Nm of torque, allowing the L200 Series 6 to tow up to 3.5 tonnes with a three axle trailer or 3.1 tonnes with a two axle trailer. Choose either a 6 speed manual or a new 6 speed automatic transmission.

Twin L200s parked in muddy field

Super Select 4WD

Take on every environment

The L200 is known as the go anywhere, do anything pickup truck. This is thanks to the Super Select 4WD system that allows you to effortlessly shift between 2WD and 4WD with a turn of a switch, and you can do this on any surface including tarmac.

Off-road mode

Through the thick of it

Whether wading through mud, marshland, sand or snow, the L200 series 6 will get you to your destination safely using its new off-road modes. Only available on automatic models, the off-road mode monitors and controls the engine, automatic transmission and brakes to match the terrain.
L200 Series 6 in White Diamond climbing hill

WLTP Compliant

Keeping emissions down

The new L200 is completely WLTP compliant and also uses AdBlue to help keep emissions down, this means that the L200 series 6 is a lot greener than you think.

L200 Exterior

Powerful Styling

Our next generation pickup truck has been given a total exterior styling overhaul. The front grille, lighting clusters and bumper have adopted the Dynamic Shield design, whilst the engine hood line has been lifted to give a tougher feel. The wheel arches are sculpted to give the impression the truck is made out of one single piece of metal and the lights at the rear have been completely redesigned. All together this makes the new L200 our toughest and most rugged looking pickup truck to date.

Rugged two toned 18" alloy wheel

18" Alloy Wheels

Rugged two tone alloys

The 2019 L200 high series comes with new 18” alloy wheels, designed to give an aggressive stance whilst remaining tough and rugged enough to tackle to great outdoors.

Exterior colour choices

Two brand new colours

Available in our new Sunflare orange or the newly created White Diamond paint, the L200 Series 6 is styled to stand out.
L200 Series 6 Interior Side Shot

L200 Interior

Spacious Cabin

The view from the L200 is commanding and assured, giving you great visibility of the road ahead. If you choose to go for the Double Cab, you'll get a class-leading spacious cabin, with plenty of leg, shoulder and head room and space for passengers to stretch out.
L200 Infotainment system
Smartphone connectivity

A highly connected cabin

Take your favourite music and podcasts anywhere with streaming services like Spotify and iTunes, and open up a world of music, sport and comment with DAB digital radio. All easily controlled by intuitive touchscreen. Communication has never been easier with voice control for phone calls and text messages, letting you stay focussed on driving.
L200 Series 6 Barbarian leather seat
L200 Seats

Luxurious front seats

Seats have been designed for a body hugging fit. They offer wide shoulder support, greater side support and a deeper centre for maximum back support. The L200 Series 6 is also available with electronically adjustable driver’s seat, heated front seats and optional leather seat trim.

L200 safety

Confidence off road or at speed

Our rigourous testing regime has resulted in a pickup truck with more advanced safety equipment and a reinforced rollcage to produce the safest L200 ever.
L200 360 reversing camera

Multi-around monitor

Complete 360 degree vision

Find parking a nightmare or not able to judge how far away from the curb you are? The new Multi-around camera built into the L200 gives you a full 360 degree top down view of the l200 making parking, hitching a trailer or reversing out of a tight space a breeze.

Forward Collision Mitigation

Preventing the preventable

With a combination of camera and laser radar, the FCM System will judge your distance and speed in comparison to the vehicle ahead. If the system detects a danger of collision, a warning will sound and the brakes will be automatically activated.
L200 Forward Collision Mitigation

Hill Descent Control

Descend calmly and safely

Driving down steep inclines can be a challenging task. Managing the throttle, what gear you are in and braking pressure is a lot to worry about, but thanks to the Hill Descent Control found in the L200 all you will be to concentrate on is steering downhill.