The Mitsubishi Colt 600


Mitsubishi Colt 600

The Mitsubishi 500, which launched in 1960, had won huge acclaim for its performance, but was criticised for having overly simple styling. So it was given a complete makeover. The result was the Colt 600.

Mitsubishi Colt 600 History

Introduced in 1962, the Mitsubishi Colt 600 was the first Mitsubishi model to bear the Colt name. The Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe had won the Class A victory in the 1962 Macau Grand Prix, and received critical acclaim for its performance. However, other auto makers had starting to bring out a wide variety of K-cars (smaller, lighter vehicles), and this type of vehicle had become very popular with consumers, largely due to its cheaper tax and insurance. In answer to this situation, Mitsubishi gave the styling and equipment specification of the Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe a complete overhaul. The new model, called the Mitsubishi Colt 600, sported a somewhat pointy exterior design, create by using narrow lines for the front half and the tail of the body, while the interior underwent an overall refinement.

Mitsubishi Colt 600 Upgrades

The Colt 600 retained the monocoque body and rear-mounted engine/rear-wheel drive configuration of the 500 Super Deluxe, but was made more competitive and desirable with the use of a steering column shift lever, a bench seat (making the Colt 600 a comfortable five passenger car) and increased fuel tank size.

Mitsubishi Colt 600 Engine

The Mitsubishi Colt 600 was sportier and more performance-orientated than its predecessor, the Mitsubishi 500. From its debut, the Colt 600 was powered by a 594cc, 25ps air-cooled, 4 Cycle 2 cylinder engine. It received excellent reviews from both the media as well as the public.

Mitsubishi Colt 600 Achievements

It was warmly received at the 9th Tokyo Motor Show in 1962, where Mitsubishi exhibited a convertible version of the Colt 600 (although this model was never marketed). The Colt 600 showed its high performance qualities when Mitsubishi entered it in the 1963 Malaysian Grand Prix. It humbled the Fiats from Italy and took line honours, as well as second and third places in the under 600 cc class. In doing so, it showed the world the strength of these stunning little cars. The Colt 600 is recognized as being a prime mover in driving the company's growth. The popularity of the all the Colt vehicles can be put down to the innovative approach that Mitsubishi applied to each model, while retaining essential elements such as sportiness and compact size.