The Mitsubishi Colt 1200, Mitsubishi New Colt 1500


Mitsubishi Colt 1200 History

Giving further breadth to the Colt series, the Colt 1100 and Colt 1500 underwent a major redesign to create the New Colt 1200 and New Colt 1500, which shared the same body and were brought to market in May 1968. Development of the new Colts focused on meeting the dynamic performance required in the new motorway era about to arrive as well as to provide improved interior comfort and safety.

Mitsubishi Colt 1200 Upgrades

The styling was crafted using Mitsubishi's "dynastream lines," a three-dimensional front grill and fascia with rectangular headlamps, a stable rear view using wide slim rectangular tail lamps, and a side view that made full use of the long wheelbase. All new Colts were fitted with a tilting steering column. Variable ratio steering and all-weather ventilation were other new technologies adopted in the series.

The Mitsubishi 1500 Colt Background

This 4-door sedan was a bigger engine version of the previous Colt models. The 1500 Sports Sedan appeared in December 1966, discernible by its blacked-out grille and single headlights.

Mitsubishi Colt 1500 Upgrades

In May 1968, the 1500 became the New Colt, receiving the same body modifications as described in the Colt 1200 section, including the rectangular headlights. The Colt 1500 was discontinued in late 1969 after the introduction of the company's Colt Galant sedan, although the smaller Colt 1200 remained available for a little longer. The four-door 1500 Estate Van also remained on sale into 1970, as the new Colt Galant Van had not yet been introduced.