The Mitsubishi Colt 800


Mitsubishi Colt 800 History

The Colt 800 was the first car that Mitsubishi produced that had fastback styling. This feature attracted strong interest at the 12th Tokyo Motor Show, before its launch in November 1965. The use of curved glass in the side windows enhanced the look of fastback lines.

Mitsubishi Colt 800 Engine

The Colt 800 was powered by an 843cc 3-cylinder 2-stroke water-cooled engine producing 45 PS. It used "reed valve induction control" which prevented intake air from blowing back into the carburetor at low engine speeds. With a front-engine/rear-wheel drive layout, it used double wishbone with lateral leaf spring at the front, and a leaf spring with rigid axle arrangement at the rear to deliver outstanding ride comfort.

Mitsubishi Colt 800 Legacy

As the world moved on from two-stroke engines, the Colt 800 evolved into the Colt 1000F, Colt 1100F and Colt 11F. But the humble Colt 800 had done a first-class job of bringing the Mitsubishi name to the world's attention.