The Mitsubishi Colt Plus


Mitsubishi Colt Plus History

The Colt Plus is a compact wagon launched in October 2004. Derived from the Colt, the rear overhang was extended 300mm to increase the size of the luggage compartment and deliver greater utility.

Mitsubishi Colt Plus Upgrades

The major feature was an electric-powered tailgate that incorporated an anti-trapping safety mechanism, which reversed the action if it encountered an obstacle on closing. The one-step folding seats, operated by a lever in the luggage compartment, folded forward to provide a flat and roomy luggage compartment. Together with its Versatile Cargo Floor, which allowed the luggage space to be tailored to requirements, these features saw a significant advance in utility.

Mitsubishi Colt Plus Engine

The Colt Plus was powered by a new aluminum block 1.5L MIVEC engine manufactured in Europe that was significantly lighter than conventional engines of the same capacity. With the INVECS-III CVT transmission, this powertrain returned low fuel consumption, while delivering brisk performance. The Sport trim, powered by a new 1.5L MIVEC intercooled turbo engine, delivered stress-free and sporty fun-to-drive qualities.