The Mitsubishi Delica Truck


Mitsubishi Delica Truck History

In anticipation of further growth in light truck demand, stemming from retail and wholesale industries, and after launching the Minicab Truck in August 1966, Mitsubishi shifted its light truck development in the mid 60s.

The first fruit of this development drive was the introduction of the Delica Truck in July 1968. With its name deriving from a contraction of the English "delivery car", the Delica Truck adopted a cab-over-engine design to increase payload capacity and interior space at a time when bonnet-type design dominated the class. The Delica Truck was distinguished by soft lines using curved glass and offered the first 3-seat cabin in its class as well as a maximum payload of 600 kg, more than any other vehicle in its class. The Delica Van, Delica Route Van and Delica Cargo variations as well as a high-cargo bed Delica Truck were launched the following year to offer a wider lineup of commercial vehicles.

Mitsubishi Delica Truck Engine and Specs

The Delica Truck was powered by the same 1.1L engine used in the Colt 1100, developing class-topping 58 PS and had a top speed of 115 km/h (71 mph).