Hybrid Cars

A hybrid car is a vehicle that combines a traditional fossil fuel engine with an electric motor, allowing it to be powered by whichever is the most efficient for the current speed and conditions.

Why buy a hybrid?

Offering improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions compared to an equivalent car with a traditional engine, hybrids bridge the gap between electric and conventional cars, offering the cost saving and environmental benefits of the former, while still retaining the long range of the latter.


Charging a plug-in hybrid

The best of both worlds

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What are the different types of hybrid car?

There are three main types of hybrid car and the main difference between them is how far they can travel on electric power.

Mild Hybrid

Electric range: 0 miles

Fuel engine is the main source of power. Electric motor supports the engine and is typically used for coasting, braking and to assist in pulling away. The battery is charged by the engine and the car cannot be plugged in. Mild hybrids cannot really drive on electric power alone.

Models include: Honda Accord Hybrid


Electric range: 1 - 2 miles

A standard hybrid (HEV) runs mostly on its engine (i.e. diesel/petrol), but can run on just the electric motor or a combination of both. A hybrid's battery is charged from the engine and cannot not be plugged in.

Models include: Toyota Prius

Plug-in hybrid

Electric range: Over 25 miles

A plug-in hybrid has a larger battery that can let it run for multiple miles, allowing whole journeys to be done just on electric power. It has the same abilities you get from mild and standard hybrids but with the added benefit of being able to run for miles on electric power alone.

Models include: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV