We never stop innovating


Designs routed in philosophy

Everything we do is rooted in our heritage of honesty, robustness, dependability and Japanese craftsmanship. We’re pioneers when it comes to technology, designing and creating ground-breaking SUV and electric (EV) technologies. Take a closer look at our designs and latest work.


Electric and more

Our Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) system is an advanced series hybrid with twin motors. This revolutionary technology could transform your daily commute. Because the generating and storage of electricity is so efficient, you'll have enough power that you won't need to fill up with petrol nearly so often. See how a PHEV can drastically reduce your running costs.

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Leaders in SUV technology

In 1936 we developed the PX33, the first Japanese car to have full-time four-wheel drive. We’ve been dedicated to refining our four wheel drive systems ever since. In 2001 we introduced All-Wheel Control (AWC) and more recently the Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) system. This offers superior traction in all conditions and helps you drive with the same confidence off-road, as you do on tarmac.



A new kind of driving experience

We believe you should be able to stay in touch with everything that’s important to you, even on the move. So we’re integrating our cars with advanced technology. Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA) allows you to operate maps, use your favourite apps and make hands-free calls. Onboard communication devices link you seamlessly to service centres and roadside assistance centres. Our ambition is that in the near future, our vehicles will become a supportive partner for you – keeping you in touch with the car and the outside world like never before.