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Live Chat

Whether you’re trying to find your local dealer, have a question about a car you own or are interested in buying, or want more information about any of our products and services, you can chat to us live here.

Simply click the box marked 'chat' in the lower left of your screen.

Live chat opening times

When can you live chat with us?

Our live chat service is staffed:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am – 4.30pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 5.30pm
  • Sunday: Offline

Outside these hours you can still use our chat box to leave a message and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What you can talk to us about

We’re here to help you in any way we can and if we can’t help you directly we make sure we put you in touch with someone who can. 


Dealer information

Need to know where your local dealer is, their opening hours or what services they offer. Look no further.


Customer Service enquiries

If you've experienced an issue you would like to discuss our team can put you in touch with our customer service specialists.


Information on current models

Got a question about a car? Our team are product experts and if they can't answer the question immediately they'll contact our technical team who can.


Lead times and availability

If you're interested in a car but need to know when you can expect it to be available, our chat team can access the complete UK database and even see cars when they're still on sea. 


Finance and offers

Need more information about one of our promotions or finance products. Our team can help.


Buying Options

Whether you want to visit a dealership or buy your car from the comfort of your own home, our team can talk you through the process.


Parts and Accessories

We stock hundreds of accesories across all our models and our team can help you find the ones that are perfect for your uses.


Aftersales support products

Need a bit of detail on our Aftersales products? Whether its roadside assistance or service packages, our team can guide you through how our suite of products work.



If you have a Motability specific question we can help, whethe you want to know our current Motability offers or need support with the application process.

About our chat team

Our team is made up of friendly people who are trained not to chase sales, but to provide help and information. They aren’t there to sell anything and their success isn’t measured by lead numbers, but solely in terms of how well they help you.

We typically run at a 90%+ positive approval rating.

A few members of our team

Sharon Ryan

Chat Team Leader

Sharon leads the live chat team and has done since it was formed in 2018, with expert knowledge and a drive to provide the best service she can.

Rohit Machado

Chat Consultant

Rohit brings his sunny disposition to every conversation. He's fast and efficient, knows his way around the entire UK dealer network and occassionally brings in some incredible food.

Rosie Conway

Chat Consultant

Rosie is professional and always dedicated to finding someone the answer they need, even if she has to ring half a dozen numbers to do it.