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Owner’s Manuals

Need to know how to adjust the steering wheel or where the headlamp levelling switch is? Download the Owner’s Manual.
Discover more details about your car

Helpful guides for Mitsubishi owners

We're passionate about the capabilities of our cars, which is why we have created simple guides to help you get the most from your Mitsubishi.

Towing Guide

Everything you need to know about towing

From loading a trailer to hitching up and reversing, our towing guide gives you all the information you need.

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Taking care of your battery

Battery Guide

The battery is the life and soul of your cars engine. Learn how to take proper care of your battery and what to look out for if your battery degrades.

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Take care of your tyres

Tyres guide

Stay safe on the road by knowing what to look for when it comes to signs of wear and tear on your tyres.

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Winter Driving Guide

Take winter in your stride

In winter visibility tends to be a bit worse, stopping distances a bit longer and roads a little more challenging. Our Winter Driving Guide can help you tackle the cold with confidence.
Outlander PHEV driving icy road
L200 on rocky terrain

Summer Driving Guide

Everything you need for stress free summer adventures

Hot weather and car travel create their own unique challenges. Be prepared with our simple summer driving guide.