Summer driving tips from Mitsubishi

With high temperatures and busy roads summer driving can become stressful. Ensure that you are as prepared as possible with our Summer Driving Tips.



Stay hydrated

Take plenty of water with you as there may not be an easy place to purchase or top-up your water.

Take breaks

Get some fresh air and take a break of 20 minutes at least once on a 3 hour journey or every 2 hours on longer journeys.

Feeling tired

Short naps of 15 minutes can help to overcome tiredness.


Hayfever can be particularly bad in summer, follow these steps to reduce its impact. Wear sunglasses to reduce the impact of bright sunlight and keep the car clear of dirt and dust. Don’t take medication that causes drowsiness and remember to keep tissues in your car.

The car

Lost or damaged keys

It can be easy to lose keys whilst at the beach or drop your keys into the sea. If the electrical equipment is damaged the manual key can be used to enter the car or if they are lost you can contact Mitsubishi Assistance for help (included on cars under three years old). Please visit the owners section for more information.


Punctures are more likely in summer. Higher temperatures can aggravate existing damage to tyres and under inflation can cause more friction, resulting in weak spots becoming worse which may result in punctures.


The cooling system can become hot during the summer months and therefore more attention must be paid to the coolant level and cooling fans. You should check that the fan is not broken as this will cause excessive temperatures in the engine and remember to keep the coolant level topped up. The cooling fan should kick in when driving and the temperature should not reach the overheating zone on your display.

The environment

Loose chippings

Chippings can become loose from the road during summer and cause damage to headlights and windscreens, as well as bodywork. Keep your distance and reduce your speed to minimise damage.


Be aware of fires that may be caused by dry verges and embankments being ignited by a heat source such as a cigarette.

Slow vehicles

Summer time is a haven for motorists travelling with large loads and agricultural machinery using the roads between fields and farms. Ensure that you overtake in a clear spot with dashed white lines in the centre of the road. Be aware that tractor drivers may be wearing ear protectors so may not hear you approaching and tractors do not have to be fitted with brake lights so may change direction or brake suddenly.


Use a clean and unscratched pair of sunglasses, however, very dark glasses may cause visual difficulties, especially when the light changes. Keep your windscreen clean and ensure the wiper blades are not worn or damaged.