Guide to driving in Winter

Winter Driving Guide

Explore our complete guide to driving in cold and wet wintry conditions. From prepping for an essential journey to maximising your safety behind the wheel, we’ve got simple, helpful advice on how to stay safe this winter.

Why winter driving is more dangerous

It isn’t just slippery roads that makes driving in the winter more dangerous. The sun is lower in the sky which can dazzle you, there are less hours of daylight overall; and if you get stuck the nights are much colder.

How to make sure you're prepared

Half the battle is before you even get behind the wheel. Make sure you know these key bits of information before you leave the house.

How to drive in winter conditions

It’s not complicated to drive well in the winter, but there are things you should always do, and a few you should try and avoid.

Essential Winter Driving Kit

Keeping a few key items in your car can make all the difference if you encounter problems, not to mention making your car as safe as possible for everyday driving.

Safer winter journeys with a Mitsubishi

Our passion for safety is evident across the Mitsubishi range, with intelligent features that anticipate dangers in your blind spot, and active systems that monitor each tyre in real-time to ensure optimal traction on slippery surfaces.

A little extra comfort on cold mornings

There’s a unique misery sitting in a cold car on your dark Monday morning commute, fingers aching and nose dripping. With a Mitsubishi you can enjoy heated seats, fast-acting air con, and with the Outlander PHEV you can even pre-warm your car from your phone.

Go Exploring

Have some fun if the weather is right

We've been building 4x4s for over 90 years. Cars built to handle treacherous terrain and difficult conditions. Our 4x4s perform better than regular cars in winter weather, both on and off-road, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re driving a vehicle built for the task.